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Optimize Your Website With Real User Interactions Using Heatmaps, Session Replays, and Analytics Reports

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Main Features

1. Analytics Platform – Get the right insights at the right time!
With the web analytics platform, you can notice important trends as soon as they happen.
Product analytics helps you to understand how your visitors engage with your website. Get real business insights easily by collecting every data that matters at one place.
It’s a simple full-scale online analytics tool which can track everything you need to make the best business decisions and build the product that people love.
Capturly will track everything your visitors do on your website from the very first step to the last one. Receive visualized data about the volume of your visitors, the visited pages, your pages’ load time. Check what devices and sources you are getting traffic from.
All of your visitors' qualitative and quantitative data are in one place, which will lead to user engagement and retention. Find your best-performing pages for a better website optimization.
It updates live so you can immediately see the results after making changes on your website.
2. Heatmaps – Get familiar with your customers!
Clicks are the most important actions on your website. Find out where your visitors click, wish to click, or simply don’t click at all. Reveal the blind spots on your website with Capturly’s heat vision.
Visualize your visitors' clicks, taps and scrolling behavior simply in order to learn where to put the most important content on your website.
3. Session Replay – See exactly what your visitors do on your website!
Session replays enable you to track visitor engagement in a qualitative way. Discover if your visitors encounter any problem on your website. Imagine if you could sit right beside your visitors and see what they're doing on your page. Wouldn’t it be great
The session replay feature records all the actions on your website. These can be like clicks, mouse movements, scrolls, from fills and more.
It helps you to understand the people behind the numbers and base your decisions on facts to get rid of the guesswork.
Notice minor differences between the ways new and returning visitors interact with your site. Discover how the user behavior changes after you introduce a new feature or run an A/B test. Filter the recordings according to your desire.
Session replay can help to track and follow every change on your website when you are implementing or running a new feature. You are also able to filter the session recordings by page URL, date, events and more.
Session replay is a fast, secure tool that supports all devices and screen sizes, logged-in pages and dynamic pages.
4. Conversion Funnel – Understand where you are losing your customers!
Track your traffic page by page with the conversion funnel feature.
Each website has one or more key user journeys such as subscription or checkout processes. and the conversion funnel feature enables you to identify these journeys. Analyze them and find out where the number of your visitors drops off and why.
It's easy to setup. You can define each step of your conversion funnel by adding the URL of the desired page.
You can go advanced and create custom events to track. There is no limit on how many conversion funnels you can create in Capturly.
After a conversion funnel is set, you can check the related session recordings for each conversion and drop-off at each step.
Finding the weakest link on your website is a crucial step in problem-solving.
Discover when and where you are losing users in favor of understanding how you can focus on long-term retention.
5. Event Analytics – Capture every action on your website!
The event analytics let you create and track custom events on your website. Track every required action from reaching the footer of your site to pressing a desired button.
Besides these, Capturly will automatically track every visited page, outbound link click and download from your website without any setup.
Now you can get closer to your users by understanding the real motives behind their actions. Dig into your events and understand why your retention and conversion grow or diminish over time.
Having all the actions, events and other website analytics in one place will tell you how people behave on your website. Find out what motivates people to keep things moving the way you want.
Track your visitors’ behavior on your website in order to understand their motives better.

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