H-com 3030

H Com 3030
H-com 3030 OverView:
H-Com is a college like 10 week program that takes anyone (a current or completely novice entrepreneur) and guide them on creating a full time income by selling E-Commerce items online.

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Front End :
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Main Features

Why H-Com Is The #1 Explosive Yet Easy Way To Monetize Your List, Launch, or Audience
Tap into years of split testing and optimization across over 1.1 million attendees
Unlike other affiliate offers every single tiny aspect of H-Com 3030 has been tested to the “ultimate” level to maximize conversion. This is why we consistently generate a 4-5x ROI on our advertising year after year…Optimization like this takes years and millions in testing and you get to benefit from it all instantly when you promote
Completely Push Button : Self Serve Or DFY Private Webinar Webinars
The H-Com 3030 funnel runs and converts without you needing to be present. You simply grab our opt in page and send people to it and they go down the same automated funnel that generates 10s of millions in sales a year at 4-5x ROI…
If you have a large audience and can get 200+ on a call we will even do a live presentation and guide you on how to maximize sales to your list/audience
Optimized For Any Kind Of List Or Audience
This webinar has been tested, optimized, improved to a level of insanity and to convert as many types of people as possible.
This webinar kills it with beginners, E-Commerce entrepreneurs or anyone that wants to work from home or make more money.
We are not joking, we target people looking for apartments from our ads and get a 3x ROI. Even if a person is not even currently considering entrepreneurship it can covnert them.
If you send us customers already interested in business or E-commerce you will see incredible results

Two Convienent Ways To Promote
Self Serve Webinar
As easy as pressing go. Simply send people to our opt in page via an email, after launch message, or any means possible. They then opt in, get your JV cookied and go through one of the highest converting funnels in existence.
Then all you have to do is kick back and let the commissions roll and be thanked by your customers for the share
DFY Live Webinar
For JVs that can get AT LEAST 200 people on a webinar we can sit down and do a live webinar to your audience.
We will even show you what to mail and how to close down the offer to maximized sales. We routinely see as much a $50 per webinar registration and will convert your list at even higher numbers when we do the presentation live

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