Peeksta Review – Best Dropshipping Product Research Tool

Peeksta Review - Best Dropshipping Product Research Tool

Peeksta Review – What is Peeksta ?

Peeksta is the “#1 research tool for e-commerce business.”
With this software, you can find hot winning products for your store and crush the competition.

Peeksta Review – Features

FE – Peeksta – $150/y

  • Facebook Audience Builder: Increase the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing activities.
  • Video Ad Generator: Create impactful Ads video with your store product images easily.
  • Thumbnail Ad Generator: Create your own luxury thumbnail image with your store product image without any design skills.
  • Suppliers: Shipping from China to the US using Aliexpress can be quite long.Chinese suppliers aren't the best option. Suppliers section allows you to to discover suppliers cjdropshipping with express delivering for US and UK…
  • Store Explorer: Search Over 100,000 dropship stores and sort them by niches. Discover the trending stores you should know.
  • Product Spy: Find viral shopify products, super power your product research and save hours of searching.
  • Product Explorer: Find inspiration for the products you should launch next. See what top stores are selling, and copy them.
  • Tik Spy: Find Viral tik tok Products before they even go viral.
  • Winners: We are manually adding winning products on a daily basis. Stop wasting money on bad products.

Peeksta Pros

  • Wide Coverage: They provide tons of resources for a dropshipping store like Facebook ads, TikTok ads, suppliers, Shopify stores, and more.
  • Cost: It’s one of the cheapest product research tools on the market at only $20 per month.
  • Winning Products: Some of the winning products they provide can be huge winners in 2022.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Peeksta legit? Yes. It is a legit business, and it’s safe to use their product research tools.
  • Is there a Peeksta free trial? No. Unfortunately, they don’t have a free trial.
  • Is there coupon code? As of right now, there is no coupon code that exists.
  • Do I need my own dropshipping business? You can certainly use it if you don’t dropship and have a standard e-commerce business. I’d probably say it’s best for dropshipping, though.

Peeksta Alternatives

Because they have so many product research tools, many Peeksta alternatives exist. Some of them are EcomHunt, SellerCount, Dropship Rabbit, BandsBox, Sell the Trend, Viral Vault, and Niche Scraper. Here are the 18 best dropshipping product research tools if you want more options.

Let’s dive deeper into some of the closest Peeksta alternatives.

Peeksta vs EcomHunt

EcomHunt has been a source of winning products for years. Many people that operate a dropshipping business use EcomHunt to find winning products instantly.

One nice thing about EcomHunt is you can access it for free, but with Peeksta, you cannot. It’s minimal, but you can at least see some winning products with EcomHunt for free.

EcomHunt has a lot more data on winning products, but we only care about quality over quantity when it comes to dropshipping products.

After all, it only takes one winner to change your life.

EcomHunt also has numerous tools for finding winning products, as Peeksta does.

Overall, I’d say Peeksta has higher quality winning products and easier-to-use tools.

I also like how they focus on TikTok ads more, as TikTok ads are becoming more and more popular.

Another thing to remember is that EcomHunt has TONS of users…

You will have many competitors if you try to sell one of these trending products on your own Shopify dropshipping store.

Peeksta vs. Dropship Rabbit

I can confidently say Peeksta is much better. Dropship Rabbit is only $15 /month compared to $20/month for Peeksta, but that is the only thing that Dropship Rabbit does better. No need to go deeper into this Peeksta vs. Dropship Rabbit comparison.

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