The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge

The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge + OTOs Review

The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge

The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge Overview: 

The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge is a complete program aimed at helping individuals start their freelance consulting career successfully by acquiring three clients in one month, each with a minimum monthly payment of $3,000.

This unique hands-on approach provides all the essential tools and materials needed to establish yourself as a professional consultant right from the start. Whether you're new to consulting or seeking a reliable way to generate income online, this package contains everything you require, including website templates, legal documents, and sales proposals.

The accompanying 30-day challenge training series covers crucial topics like goal setting, time management, and step-by-step instructions to assist you in obtaining clients. Using ready-made proposal templates, this program guarantees concrete outcomes and actual earnings within the specified challenge period.

The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge Features

FE – The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge – $17

To recap, here's everything you are getting in the 3 clients in 30-days challenge:

The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge-demo

You will receive all the necessary resources to manage your consulting business in your area.

  • On-Page SEO Checklist and Analysis Report – This tool ensures you gather all necessary client information to effectively rank their website on the first page of Google.
  • Sales Checklist – Use this checklist when sending a sales proposal to avoid missing important details, increasing your chances of closing deals successfully.
  • Sample Non-Disclosure and Work Agreements – Protect yourself legally and ensure timely payments by using these forms, clarifying the services provided to clients.
  • Web-Design Client Questionnaire and FAQ – Streamline the information gathering process from clients to expedite website design projects and minimize design revisions that can hinder progress.
  • Copy-Paste Email Scripts – Utilize scripts from initial introduction to closing a sale for seamless communication with clients.
  • Upsell, Cross-Sell, and Follow-Up Scripts – Maximize your earnings from each client by implementing these proven templates to increase your fees and enhance client relationships.

All the additional training you will ever need Massive library of professional training for consultants

The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge-demo

OTO1 – 3 Clients In 30 Days Upgrade – $47

The “3 Clients in 30 Days” upgrade offers an accelerated path to landing your first $5,000 client within just two weeks, without the hassle of endless emails or dealing with uninterested prospects. Here's what you'll get:

  • Proven split-tested sales videos and landing pages: designed to sell clients on your consulting fee.
  • Done-for-you sales proposals: ready to be customized with your name and sent to potential clients.
  • An over-the-shoulder video guide: walking you through every step, from the initial email to servicing your first client.
  • Testimonials: from successful users who have already booked clients and earned substantial payments.
  • A system that requires only 20 minutes of work per day: yet yields consistent results in landing high-paying clients.


  • Sales Approach: The program eliminates the need for direct selling or cold calling, as participants communicate with potential clients via email using predefined scripts and sales proposals.
  • No Experience Required: Geared towards individuals without consulting background, the program equips them with all essential tools and resources for success.
  • Recurring Income: By securing high-fee clients, participants can achieve substantial monthly earnings, potentially exceeding $10,000, ensuring financial stability.
  • Agency Support: Participants receive backing from a renowned SEO and marketing agency, managing client servicing while allowing participants to concentrate on acquiring clients.
  • Comprehensive Training: The program provides in-depth training on various consulting aspects, such as goal setting, time management, and sales techniques.


  • Lack of Customization: Relying on predefined sales materials and proposals may restrict the ability to customize offerings to meet each client's specific requirements.

Who Should Invest In The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge?

  1. Aspiring Consultants: Individuals new to the consulting industry seeking a structured program to launch their consulting career successfully, even without prior experience.
  2. Struggling Consultants: Existing consultants facing challenges in acquiring clients or commanding higher fees, and in need of a proven system to enhance their business results.
  3. Entrepreneurs: Individuals aspiring to establish a consulting business but lacking the knowledge, resources, or confidence to do so independently.
  4. Sales Professionals: Individuals with a sales background interested in transitioning to consulting and using their sales expertise to attract clients.
  5. Marketing Professionals: Individuals proficient in marketing wanting to broaden their services and income potential by offering consulting services alongside their current skill set.
  6. Those Interested in Recurring Income: Individuals seeking a consistent stream of recurring income and drawn to the idea of earning substantial fees from retainer clients.


    • Q: Can this be done outside the U.S.?
      A: Absolutely! Regardless of your location, as long as you can set up a PayPal account, you can start earning as a consultant. All the necessary information is provided in the course.
    • Q: Can I manage everything from my computer or do I need to go door-to-door for business sign-ups?
      A: Yes, you can handle everything from your computer. Business owners appreciate the convenience of signing up over the phone or through email via PayPal, avoiding face-to-face meetings due to their busy schedules.
    • Q: Are there additional offers or upgrades?
      A: Everything essential to kickstart your consultancy for local businesses is covered in this program. No extra purchases are required to start making money! Optional additional sales materials are available after purchase if you wish to expand your business further, but they are not mandatory for achieving six-figure success.
    • Q: Are there any hidden costs?
      A: No hidden costs! You can begin your consultancy without any additional expenses. I manage my entire business through a free Gmail account. Dedicate a few hours each week to send out emails and witness the results.
    • Q: What income potential is there?
      A: Earnings are not guaranteed when offering services to business owners. However, my coaching students have been making from a few thousand dollars monthly to over 7 figures yearly by selling consulting services to local businesses through emails. Your income depends on the number of clients you choose to work with.
    • Q: How will I receive payments?
      A: This program will guide you on invoicing business owners through PayPal and billing them monthly. Once set up, PayPal handles all transactions securely and automatically, eliminating concerns about collecting payments from clients.
  • Q: How quickly can I expect payment?
    A: The speed of receiving payments relies on your level of activity. Some new consultants have received payments within 36 hours from starting by following the provided instructions closely.


Taking action is crucial in establishing a reliable income source. The 3 Clients In 30 Days Challenge provides a systematic method to deliver concrete outcomes. Dedicate just one hour per day over the next month to engage with the training materials, leading to significant changes. Every stage, from goal setting to sending personalized sales content, is crafted to drive you towards achievement.

Avoid hesitating; grasp this chance to initiate your path to financial security. Act now and discover the possibility of securing your initial paying client within a month.

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