Podly Reviews: Discover how software boosts print on demand business via potent research tools.


What is Podly?


Podly is an all-in-one software designed specifically for Print On Demand (POD) vendors. It offers support for Merch By Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing, and other Print On Demand services.

The platform helps vendors in critical aspects of their business, including market research to identify popular products, creating and managing listings, verifying trademarks, and continuously monitoring trademark status.

By leveraging Podly, vendors can streamline their processes, optimize their listings, and stay informed about trademark issues, giving them a competitive edge in the Print On Demand industry.

Podly Enterprise Annual Price: 



Podly Feature: 

Discover Podly's diverse range of functions designed to streamline your print-on-demand business:

  • Merch Database: Quickly find top-selling Merch by Amazon items.
  • Book Database: Identify popular KDP products promptly.
  • Trending Search: Keep up with Amazon trends.
  • Recently Deleted: Monitor removed Amazon listings to reduce risks.
  • Product Details: Access detailed product information easily.
  • Keyword Processor: Enhance keyword optimization for clarity and value.
  • Listing Optimizer: Create optimized listings with streamlined keyword organization.
  • Listing Database: Effortlessly manage preferred listings.
  • Favorites: Organize favorite products in an unlimited favorites database.
  • On-Site Search: Explore live Amazon data for popular Merch and KDP products.
  • Merch Archive: Recognize past trending merchandise products.
  • Book Archive: Recognize past trending KDP products.
  • Trademark Search: Perform trademark searches for account protection.
  • Trademark Watchlist: Monitor phrases for potential trademark infringements.
  • Listing Generation: Instantly create Amazon Merch listings.
  • Trademark Check: Verify trademarks during Merch by Amazon uploads.

Don’t take our word for it. It is Used by the best-sellers out there: 



  • Extensive Database: Covering Amazon's Print-On-Demand products comprehensively.
  • Updated Data: Daily addition of new products and sales data updates for a competitive advantage.
  • Efficient Filters: Quickly identify promising opportunities with effective search filters.
  • BSR Monitoring: Receive daily updates on Best Seller Rank (BSR) to spot emerging trends early.
  • Performance Analysis: Evaluate product consistency to discover long-term bestsellers or new trends.
  • Graphical Insights: Detailed 30-day BSR and price change graphs for thorough product analysis.
  • Historical Data: Access archived best-selling designs for trend forecasting.
  • Favorites: Group preferred design ideas for a streamlined design process.
  • Keyword Optimization: Simplify extensive keyword lists for improved Amazon listing optimization.
  • Listing Generation: Quickly create comprehensive product listings using optimized keywords.
  • Trademark Protection: Easily ensure trademark registration compliance for business protection.
  • On-Site Search: A specialized search engine to explore Merch by Amazon products within the Amazon marketplace.


The interface may appear overwhelming and cluttered, potentially posing a challenge for new or slower-learning users.

Who Should Use Podly?

Podly caters specifically to individuals in the Print-On-Demand (POD) sector, whether they are novices or seasoned sellers. Its features are particularly advantageous for:

  • Merch by Amazon sellers: Podly offers a wide array of product ideas and aids in tracking current trends, empowering sellers to remain competitive.
  • Authors and publishers utilizing Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP): Podly grants access to numerous KDP products, helping users spot opportunities within the low-content book market.
  • Print-On-Demand sellers on various platforms: Even if not directly selling on Amazon, monitoring trends and product performance on this platform can provide insights into broader market trends, offering a competitive edge across multiple platforms.
  • Entrepreneurs exploring business prospects: For those contemplating entry into the POD industry, Podly's tools can assist in understanding the market and identifying potential niches to explore.
  • Designers striving to create marketable designs: Leveraging Podly's capability to analyze past top-selling designs and forecast future trends, designers can develop products with higher success rates.
  • Individuals seeking to enhance their Amazon product listings: With tools for keyword processing and listing creation, Podly streamlines and enhances the process of optimizing product listings on Amazon.


  • Which Marketplaces can I access through Podly?
    Podly currently supports various marketplaces, with a particular focus on Amazon's regional platforms. The marketplaces available include Amazon.com, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr, Amazon.es, and Amazon.it. We are continuously expanding our support, and soon users will also be able to access Amazon.co.uk through our platform.
  • Do you offer any training services?
    Yes, we provide training at Podly. Our platform offers video training for all modules to help users effectively utilize the features available.
  • In which languages is Podly available?
    Currently, the suite of SaaS tools for Print on Demand sellers offered by Podly is only available in English. We are actively exploring options to include additional languages in the future to better cater to our global customer base.
  • What type of data does Podly provide?
    Podly offers data on Merch On Demand (formerly Merch By Amazon) and KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), providing insights on sales, trends, competition, and customer preferences for merchandising and self-publishing on these platforms. Currently, we do not provide sales data for platforms such as Etsy or Redbubble.
  • Do I need to grant access to my Merch By Amazon or KDP account?
    No, Podly operates as a separate research tool for Merch on Demand and Kindle Direct Publishing and does not require access to your Amazon account.


Unveil the premier Print on Demand solution crafted for entrepreneurs with Podly. Elevate your product research with advanced data analysis and AI-powered trend predictions. Effortlessly explore over 15 million products via a user-friendly Chrome extension, offering unparalleled convenience and adaptability. Protect your business with trademark validations and unlock a myriad of product opportunities.

Seize the opportunity with this innovative software today! Don't overlook the chance to revolutionize your Print on Demand business now!

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