MyDesigns Review: The Game-changing Design Management Tool for E-commerce

MyDesigns cover

MyDesigns Overview: 


In the rapidly evolving digital landscape of today, having efficient tools for design and data management is crucial. This is where comes in – a cutting-edge platform that aims to transform the way businesses manage their design assets. But does it truly deliver on its promises? Let's explore and find out.

MyDesigns surpasses the capabilities of a typical design tool by offering a holistic platform tailored to the distinct requirements of e-commerce businesses, particularly those involved in print-on-demand services. By leveraging its cloud-based infrastructure, users can seamlessly handle, modify, and organize their digital assets, making it the ultimate solution for all design-related activities.


FE – MyDesigns – $899.88/year

What you get:

  • 1000 GB Cloud Storage
  • 2000 Credits
  • 120 Bulk Processing
  • Edit Data in Bulk
  • Multi-Product Publishing
  • 10% POD products discount
  • Bulk Product Mockups
  • Bulk Video Mockups
  • Custom Mockups
  • Digital products
  • Canvas System
  • Dream AI
  • Phraser AI

Key Feature

Managing and Selling Digital Assets Has Never Been Easier

  • Bulk Publishing: Our app allows you to publish your designs in bulk, saving you time and effort.
  • Mockups Generator: Generate realistic mockups of your products with ease.
  • Canvas: Utilize our canvas feature to create stunning designs for your digital assets.
  • Tags Generator: Easily generate relevant tags for your products, improving their visibility.
  • Bulk Edit: Make changes to multiple designs at once, streamlining your workflow.

Integrated with Your Favorite Platforms:

With our seamless integration capabilities, effortlessly incorporate your designs and data into the online apps you already use and love. Additionally, our Apps Marketplace provides you with the opportunity to automate tasks and expand your horizons, giving you a wider range of possibilities to explore.

  • Etsy: Seamlessly connect your Etsy stores to MyDesign and effortlessly start selling digital and Print-on-demand products.
  • Shopify: Integrate your Shopify store with MyDesign and unlock the potential of selling digital and Print-on-demand items.
  • Amazon (coming soon): Quickly connect your Amazon business to MyDesign and offer digital and Print-on-demand products to your customers.
  • WooCommerce (coming soon): Embark on your journey of selling digital and Print-on-demand items by integrating your WooCommerce portal with MyDesign.
  • Merch Titans: Streamline and monitor your Print on Demand uploads by automating the process through the integration of Merch Titans Automation with MyDesign.

Focus on Creating… MyDesign Will Handle the Rest:


  • Save time, automate processes, and scale your Print on Demand or Digital eCommerce business confidently with our powerful suite of tools.
  • Upload your designs, set up data, generate mockups, and publish your products all at once.
  • Created for POD & eCommerce:
    • MyDesigns is designed to save you time and improve your workflow significantly.
    • Our cloud-based Digital Asset Management System automates various time-consuming processes involved in monetizing your digital assets.
    • Developed by creators for creators.
  • Designed to Be Flexible:
    • With MyDesigns, you can create unlimited collections using templates that give you full control over custom fields, datasets, file slots, and more.
    • When you add a new design or file to a collection, it automatically inherits the collection's template structure, enabling you to quickly sell your designs as products without repetitive tasks.
  • Community & Tutorials:
    • Join our online community where you can access extensive help content, tutorials, and documentation.
    • Learn how to utilize MyDesigns to its fullest potential so that you can focus on what matters most in your Print-on-demand and eCommerce ventures.

How Does It Work?

Simplify the entire process of uploading, organizing, and selling your designs as custom products with our cloud-based digital asset management system. This powerful system automates all time-consuming tasks, making it effortless for you.

  • Step 1: Create & Upload Designs: Easily create and upload designs by utilizing our unlimited collections feature in the cloud. This secure platform allows you to store, organize, and customize your designs according to your preferences.
  • Step 2: Bulk Generation & Editing of Listing Data: Streamline your workflow by quickly generating and editing comprehensive listing information for multiple products. This feature saves you valuable time and effort.
  • Step 3: Bulk Generation of Realistic Mockups: Effortlessly create a variety of high-quality, realistic product mockups with just a few clicks. This tool simplifies the process and enhances the visual representation of your products.
  • Step 4: Bulk Publishing of Print on Demand or Digital Products: Seamlessly connect to your preferred platforms or marketplaces, such as Etsy, Shopify, or Amazon (coming soon), to publish your products. Additionally, our app marketplace expands your possibilities even further.
  • Step 5: Product Personalization & Canvas System: Easily customize and preview your products using our advanced canvas system. This feature allows you to effortlessly personalize your products and visualize how they will look before finalizing them.
  • Step 6: Automated Order Fulfillment & Management System: When a customer purchases your products, our system automatically takes care of the order fulfillment process. This ensures a seamless experience for both you and your customers.
  • Step 7: Suite of Bulk Processing Tools: Take advantage of our suite of bulk processing tools, which includes features like background removal, image upscaling, image vectorization, color or pattern overlays, image resizing, and more. These tools enhance the efficiency and quality of your design process.

MyDesigns – Pros:

  • Robust Data Management: MyDesigns excels in efficiently storing and managing large volumes of design data, making it easy to access and share within teams.
  • Version Control: The software includes version control features, enabling users to track changes made to designs over time, ensuring seamless collaboration.
  • Streamlined Collaboration: MyDesigns facilitates easy collaboration on design projects, enhancing team productivity and fostering efficient teamwork.
  • Overcoming the Learning Curve: With patience and practice, even new users can become proficient in utilizing the tool for their design needs, unlocking its full potential.

MyDesigns – Cons

  • Confusing Interface: Navigating the interface can be confusing, especially for users unfamiliar with design software.
  • Advanced Features Require Training: Some advanced features may necessitate additional training or experience, posing a challenge for beginners.

Who Should Use MyDesigns is an invaluable tool for e-commerce businesses, specifically those operating in the print-on-demand sector. Whether you run a small business or a renowned brand, provides an efficient solution for managing your digital assets effectively.

Trusted by thousands of people across the world:


MyDesigns – Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s

  • Q: What is MyDesigns?

    A: MyDesigns is a software company that focuses on digital asset management. They offer a cloud-based platform for businesses to control and manage their digital assets.

  • Q: How does MyDesigns help increase company success?

    A: MyDesigns helps increase company success by providing a centralized location for businesses to manage all of their digital assets, improving efficiency, reducing errors, and enhancing brand consistency.

  • Q: Can you tell me more about MyDesigns’ digital asset management system?

    A: MyDesigns’ digital asset management system is cloud-based and offers businesses a comprehensive solution for managing their digital assets with easy organization, categorization, search, and retrieval.

  • Q: What makes MyDesigns’ software different from others on the market?

    A: MyDesigns’ software is unique because it focuses specifically on digital asset management, providing greater control and management of digital assets which is essential as businesses shift towards digital processes.

  • Q: How can MyDesigns’ software help me achieve my business goals?

    A: MyDesigns’ software can help businesses achieve their goals by providing a more efficient way to manage digital assets, saving time and resources, and improving brand consistency and image.

  • Q: Does MyDesigns offer any expert services?

    A: Yes, MyDesigns offers expert services including consultation, implementation, and training to help businesses maximize their software usage.

  • Q: What is My Designs’ focus as a company?

    A: MyDesigns’ focus is on providing a powerful and user-friendly software solution for managing digital assets, helping businesses become smarter and more efficient in achieving their goals.

  • Q: Can you tell me more about MyDesigns’ features?

    A: MyDesigns offers features such as file organization, version control, approval workflows, and analytics to effectively manage digital assets.

  • Q: How can My Designs help me with print-on-demand?

    A: MyDesigns can assist businesses with print-on-demand by providing a platform to manage and distribute print-ready files, saving time, and resources, and reducing printing errors.

  • Q: What is MyDesigns’ vision for the future?

    A: MyDesigns’ vision for the future is to continue innovating and providing businesses with the necessary tools to succeed in an increasingly digital world while delivering value to customers and helping them achieve their goals.


If you're in search of the ideal solution for print-on-demand or digital products to streamline your operations, automate processes, and sell with ease, look no further than MyDesigns. I highly recommend investing in MyDesigns through our exclusive group buy offer. Not only will you gain access to the best tool available, but you'll also enjoy additional fantastic deals.

By choosing MyDesigns, you position yourself to acquire expertise and thrive in the dynamic landscape of Print on Demand. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your skills and elevate your success in the Print-on-demand industry. Prices may increase periodically to reflect the value of our expanding library of graphics. Join today to secure the current best price!

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