ProspectrIn AI + OTOs Reviews: Putting an End to the Email Bounce Nightmare!

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ProspectrIn Overview

ProspectrIn AI  serves as an invaluable lead generation and enrichment tool, specifically crafted for identifying targeted leads on LinkedIn and Facebook. This powerful tool utilizes OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) techniques and cutting-edge AI technology. Its versatile offerings include a Chrome extension, a web app, and a suite of outreach features.

Key features of ProspectrIn comprise:

  • Real-time Discovery: Swift identification of fresh leads directly from Facebook, ensuring the most up-to-date information.
  • Targeted Lead Identification: Pinpointing the most suitable leads tailored for your social media marketing services.
  • Comprehensive Prospect Insights: Providing detailed insights into the most promising prospects, enabling a focused approach towards high-potential leads.
  • Business Website Analysis: Conducting an in-depth analysis of businesses' websites, inclusive of reviews and ratings on social media platforms.
  • Efficient Data Sorting: Streamlining data management through effortless sorting and customized searches aligned with your specific targeting criteria.
  • Quick Data Export: Facilitating quick and easy data export with just a few clicks, ensuring seamless integration into your workflow.

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ProspectrIn AI-demo

FE – ProspectrIn AI -$37 one-time *2000 credits (*credits reset every month)

  • $37 one-time
  • 2000 credits (credits reset every month)
  • Real-Time Lead Discovery Tool
  • AI Lead Enrichment Technology (credit based)
  • AI-Prospect Score
  • Universal AI-Widget (with 300k free words)
  • Rapid Keyword and Location Search
  • Comprehensive Lead Data
  • Desktop Calls (Twilio integration)
  • 1-click email outreach (SMTP integration)
  • Social Reviews Insight
  • Website Presence Check
  • Instant Messenger Connection
  • Pre-Loaded Messenger Cold Out-Reach Scripts
  • Effortless Business Page Access
  • Easy Lead Management
  • Export to CSV
  • Export to PDF
  • Native Integration with ConvertLead and Pages

OTO 1: Prospectr PRO – $47 one time

Why Settle for NORMAL When You Can 5X The Benefits & Dominate with PRO?

  • $67 one-time
  • 10,000 credits every month
  • BONUS 1 – Prospectr’s Top Niches
  • BONUS 2 – Messaging Handbook
  • BONUS 3 – DFY Engagement Templates
  • 1 credit = 1 enriched lead
  • Chrome Extension
  • Real-Time OSINT Enrichment
  • Unlimited searches
  • AI-Powered Lead Discovery
  • AI-Prospect Scoring System
  • AI-Enhanced Lead Enrichment
  • Universal AI-Widget
  • Exhaustive Lead Data Suite
  • Desktop Calls via Twilio Integration
  • One-Click Email Outreach
  • Social Reviews Insight
  • Website Presence Checker
  • Instant Messenger Connection
  • Pre-Loaded Outreach Scripts
  • 1-click Convertlead integration
  • Early Bird Offer 45% Discount
  • 8,000 additional credits per month and commercial rights (credits reset every month)

OTO 2: Prospectr AI Facebook edition $67

  • $67 one-time
  • Real-Time Facebook Lead Discovery Tool
  • Rapid Keyword and Location Search
  • AI Lead Enrichment Technology (credit based)
  • AI-Prospect Score
  • Universal AI-Widget (with 300k free words)
  • Comprehensive Lead Data
  • Desktop Calls (Twilio integration)
  • 1-click email outreach (SMTP integration)
  • Social Reviews Insight
  • Website Presence Check
  • Instant Messenger Connection
  • Pre-Loaded Messenger Cold Out-Reach Scripts
  • Effortless Business Page Access
  • Easy Lead Management
  • Export to CSV
  • Export to PDF
  • Native Integration with ConvertLead and Pages

OTO 3: Prospectr Pages by Convertlead $67

Now that you've got leads, sell them simple automated websites…

Tap into the future of website creation with A.I. – fast, effortless, and hosted for FREE.

You're ONE click away from turning all your Prospectr leads into recurring customers.

Let’s recap everything that you will get:

  • Create 5 projects
  • Create complete websites
  • Integrated AI – 50,000 words
  • 10,000 monthly views
  • All templates unlocked
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Full access to all builder features
  • Style features unlocked
  • Tabbed browsing builder
  • Includes critical marketing features:
  • Create entire marketing funnels
  • Create landing pages
  • Custom countdowns
  • Email capture forms
  • Integrations
  • Google map
  • Video
  • Images
  • Auto-resize for mobile & tablet
  • Edit CSS & HTML (not required)
  • Layer management
  • Download the entire website as a zip
  • High-speed hosting included
  • Dozens of built-in fonts
  • Commercial license included
  • Training

OTO 4: ProspectrIn AI Convertlead Business – $97

  • $147 one-time
  • 1 Business account
  • 20 websites
  • 15 custom domains
  • A.I. Assist (300,000 words included)
  • Drag & Drop Page builder
  • Push notifications
  • 2-way text messages
  • Instant New Lead alerts
  • Conditional actions
  • Blind Calls
  • Lightweight CRM
  • Analytics
  • Lead Rotator
  • Powerful Clients & Leads tracking
  • Integrate with over 3000 apps
  • Desktop Calls
  • Response time tracking
  • Mobile App
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Automation
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Unlimited Agents
  • Unlimited Reminders
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Unlimited Pipelines
  • First-class customer support
  • Safe & Secure

About Creator

Meet the masterminds steering the course at Prospectrin: Alex Costan and Isfan Bogdan. These visionary individuals not only spearhead its development but also craft its success, transforming Prospectrin from a mere app into a game-changer in the realm of lead generation.

With a deep understanding of the industry and a shared enthusiasm for harnessing technology to streamline processes, Alex and Isfan have meticulously shaped Prospectrin into a robust solution, effectively turning LinkedIn into a personalized repository for leads.

Their commitment to excellence permeates every feature, establishing Prospectrin as a dependable and efficient tool for effortlessly discovering valuable leads. To delve further into their expertise, explore some of their other groundbreaking products like LeadsGorilla 2.0, Localio AI, Rank Reel, and ClientsNest Software.

ProspectrIn AI How Does It Work?

ProspectrIn AI-demo

ProspectrIn AI enhances your lead generation with a streamlined three-step process.

  1. Instant Data Extraction:
    The Chrome extension empowers you to instantly extract vital information from LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, eliminating the need for manual exports. This includes details such as names, job titles, company information, location, and social media URLs.
  2. AI-Driven Data Enrichment:
    ProspectrIn's AI engine employs OSINT techniques to analyze the extracted data, enriching it in real time. This involves identifying accurate email addresses linked to the profiles, revealing both business and personal phone numbers, and uncovering additional social media profiles and online presences. Furthermore, the AI uncovers information about websites, side businesses, job changes, education, publications, patents, and other public details.
  3. Lead Management Dashboard:
    The enriched leads find a home in ProspectrIn's lead management dashboard. Through this dashboard, you can assess leads based on criteria like industry, job title, and company size. It facilitates efficient filtering, searching, and organization of leads, enabling you to prioritize outreach efforts and export leads in PDF or CSV formats. Additionally, the integrated SMTP allows for one-click email outreach, while website presence checks assist in determining if leads own websites. Engaging leads becomes more seamless with pre-loaded outreach templates.

These features provided by ProspectrIn centralize and enhance your ability to manage and connect with relevant, validated leads all in one place.

Who Should Use ProspectrIn AI?

  • Freelancers: Accelerate the process of finding new clients by enhancing the information available on their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

  • Marketing Agencies: Unearth leads for clients in various industries or locations.

  • Small Businesses: Establish connections with more targeted and relevant leads for your business.

  • Sales Teams: Decrease the duration of sales cycles by focusing solely on qualified and enriched leads.

  • Recruiters: Obtain candidate contact information from LinkedIn with a remarkable accuracy of 99.9%.

  • Real Estate Agents: Identify promising leads for potential buyers and sellers within your market.

  • Event Planners: Structure events around high-value prospective clients and sponsors.

Essentially, any business currently dependent on labor-intensive processes for lead discovery and enrichment stands to gain significantly from incorporating ProspectrIn AI. This tool has the potential to save several hours of otherwise wasted effort on a daily basis.

Pros of ProspectrIn AI:

  • Effortlessly extracts lead data from LinkedIn/Facebook
  • Instantly reveals emails, phone numbers, and social profiles using AI
  • Utilizes lead scoring to identify the most promising prospects
  • Drastically reduces lead generation time by 90% or more
  • Offers an affordable one-time pricing structure, delivering great value
  • Provides a centralized dashboard for efficient lead management
  • Includes built-in outreach tools such as email and texting
  • It boasts a user-friendly platform and mobile app for convenience

Cons of ProspectrIn AI:

  • Currently limited to extracting data from LinkedIn and Facebook
  • The maximum number of leads de


  • How accurate is ProspectrIn AI at discovering emails?

ProspectrIn employs advanced AI and OSINT techniques to uncover email addresses with an accuracy rate surpassing 99.9%. The enrichment technology ensures not only the discovery but also the verification and deliverability of the emails.

  • What sources does ProspectrIn use to enhance leads?

ProspectrIn conducts real-time analysis on various public sources, including social media profiles, people search engines, business directories, publications, web archives, and more, comprehensively enhancing leads.

  • Does ProspectrIn AI integrate with email and sales platforms?

Certainly, ProspectrIn seamlessly integrates with leading email providers, CRMs, automation tools, and more. Enriched leads can be effortlessly synced to these platforms with just one click.

  • Is ProspectrIn compliant with the terms of service of LinkedIn and Facebook?

Absolutely. ProspectrIn adheres to all policies regarding the collection of social media data by utilizing publicly available information to enrich leads.

  • What happens after I exhaust my monthly credits?

With the one-time pricing model, your monthly credits automatically replenish at the beginning of each new month, eliminating the need for any additional payments.

  • Does ProspectrIn AI work for locations outside the United States?

Yes, ProspectrIn can enhance leads from LinkedIn and Facebook profiles globally, covering over 200 countries with its extensive databases.

  • How long does it take ProspectrIn AI to enhance each lead?

Lead enrichment occurs in real-time, typically taking only 1-2 seconds per lead. The AI swiftly returns results as you browse social media, ensuring instant access to enriched data.


Tired of the persistent challenges posed by lead generation and email outreach, often resembling a hit-or-miss endeavor? Enter ProspectrIn, a groundbreaking tool in the realm of internet marketing, poised to reshape your strategy for uncovering and interacting with leads. This AI and OSINT-powered software is set to revolutionize the conversion of LinkedIn profiles into email leads, validated in real-time, with an outstanding 99.9% email accuracy achieved through AI verification.

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  • SPECIAL BONUS 7 – RankMe
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  • SPECIAL BONUS 8 – RankMe
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