Free Money Funnel + OTOs Review: Simple Funnel Earns $65,026 Per Month By Giving Away Free Money

Free Money Funnel

Free Money Funnel Overview: 

Free Money Funnel is an innovative sales funnel powered by AI, designed to quickly generate commissions by providing new local businesses with free advertising credits.

By utilizing a lesser-known program, you can offer generous amounts of free advertising credits and earn a commission each time a business claims their free ad money through your unique link.

This not only helps local business owners improve their advertising strategies but also creates a steady income source for you as a local consultant.

Luther Landor offers immediate guidance on effectively earning commissions by offering substantial free advertising money to new local businesses. He has also curated a comprehensive package that eliminates any uncertainties, allowing you to start earning commissions promptly.

All Free Money Funnel OTOs Links Below: 

FE – Free Money Funnel – $27

Look at Everything You Are Getting in the The Free Money Funnel Coaching Program

  • Free Money Program Database Access With Guaranteed Approval – $97 Value
  • Brandable Free Money Report – $197 Value
  • New Business Lead Database – $197 Value
  • AI-Powered Email Generation App – $397 Value
  • Agency Referral Rolodex – $97 Value
  • On-Demand Coaching Program – $497/Month Value
  • Module 1: Automated Client Finder – $97 Value
  • Module 2: Generating Fast Commissions – $97 Value
  • Module 3: High-Ticket Referrals – $97 Value
  • Bonus 1: Inbound Lead Magnet Report (first few sales only) – $47 Value
  • Bonus 2: Pre-Made Ad Templates – $197 Value
  • Bonus 3: Rejection-Proof Email Follow-ups – $97 Value
  • Bonus 4: Outsourcing Guide – $97 Value

Everything You Need is Included

Free Money Funnel-demo

OTO1 – The Free Money Funnel – Unlimited – $37

Below are a few highlights of what you can expect to find in The Free Money Funnel Unlimited coaching program:

  • Get access to email templates that can boost your clients from $500 to $5,000 per month. Use these exact scripts to upsell new businesses on additional services, generating monthly fees of $5,000 to $10,000. Never worry about what or how to sell again – simply copy and paste your way to six figures without acquiring new clients or increasing your workload.
  • Unlock a clever ‘referral script' that encourages each client to refer 2-3 new clients. Send this script after a specific timeframe to prompt businesses to bring in more clients for you. By mastering this strategy, you can focus solely on referrals and never have to prospect for new business again.
  • Discover the niches, locations, and services you should steer clear of when targeting new businesses. Avoid 90% of rejection, frustration, low-paying clients, and time-wasters by knowing which businesses to target and which ones to avoid at all costs. Save yourself the 15 years it took me to learn this valuable lesson.
  • Start earning your first paycheck in just 3 days with a quick-start guide. This condensed Free Money Funnel guide will help you make 10 times your investment back immediately. Perfect for those who take fast action or need quick cash.
  • Follow a 30-day action plan for the Free Money Funnel to comfortably secure your first 3 clients within a month. Take it easy by following the steps at your own pace. Stop shaping your life around work and start shaping work around your life.
  • Implement a 5-minute routine before starting any business to attract more wealth into your life in the next year than you have in the past 12 years.
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs about money and raise your personal standards to automatically attract wealth and abundance.
  • Identify and eliminate ‘poor people' mistakes that hinder success and waste any wealth that comes your way. Look out for these habits and prevent them from sabotaging abundance in your life.
  • Learn the focus secret that Bill Gates uses to achieve more in 4 hours than most people do in a week.
  • Discover a simple mind hack for instant self-confidence that will make you feel like a millionaire. Remember, you become a millionaire in your mind before achieving that first million-dollar check – not the other way around.
  • Uncover a 30-second time management solution – the only no-nonsense system I've used for over a decade to accomplish more in a day than most do in a week, without stress, multitasking, or complicated planners. Apply this system across all areas of your life to reclaim your time and peace of mind.

How Does It Work?

Free Money Funnel-demo

  1. Step 1: Compile a list of new businesses.
    Use a simple script provided to swiftly identify new businesses and their direct contact email addresses. Generate a list in minutes with just a click.
  2. Step 2: Share your referral link with each business.
    Utilize pre-written emails to offer thousands of dollars in free ad credits to these new businesses. Business owners are typically enthusiastic about receiving free money. The ChatGPT-powered app will personalize each message for you, boosting your results effortlessly.
  3. Step 3: Begin earning commissions.
    You will receive immediate commissions whenever a business owner claims their free ad credits. No selling or service provision is required – you get paid solely for sharing the referral link.
  4. Optional Step 4: Earn additional income through agency referrals.
    Thanks to this funnel, your inbox will be inundated with thankful business owners looking to enhance their marketing efforts. By forwarding these emails to agencies that can assist them, you can earn passive commissions ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.


  • Lucrative Opportunity: The program offers significant commissions by providing free advertising credits to local businesses.
  • Low Time Investment: Luther Landro stresses that the system requires only 30 minutes a day and can be run with no out-of-pocket expenses, making it suitable for individuals with limited time and resources.
  • No Sales Calls or Presentations: Unlike many other income opportunities, the Free Money Funnel does not involve cold calling or sales pitches, which can be a relief for those uncomfortable with direct sales tactics.
  • No Technical Skills Required: The program claims that no technical skills or previous experience are needed, enabling almost anyone to participate.
  • Automation and Outsourcing: The system provides automation and outsourcing options to streamline processes and increase efficiency, potentially reducing the workload for participants.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams: Apart from earning commissions from offering free ad credits, there is an opportunity to earn referral commissions by linking businesses with marketing agencies.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Participants can receive commissions directly into their PayPal, Stripe, or bank accounts, offering flexibility in managing their earnings.


  • Dependence on Third Parties: Earning commissions relies on businesses claiming the free ad credits and the marketing agencies' effectiveness in converting leads, which may not always be predictable or consistent.

Who Should Invest In The Free Money Funnel?

  • Entrepreneurs Seeking Side Income: Individuals looking to supplement their income with a side hustle without committing significant time or resources may find the Free Money Funnel appealing.
  • Digital Marketers: Those with a background or interest in digital marketing may see the program as an opportunity to leverage their skills and knowledge to earn commissions through referral marketing.
  • Consultants: Consultants, especially those focused on local businesses or marketing services, could benefit from the program by offering additional value to their clients and generating additional revenue streams through referrals.
  • People Seeking Flexibility: Individuals who prioritize flexibility and autonomy in their work may find the program attractive, as it claims to require minimal time investment and can be operated remotely.
  • Beginners in Online Business: Those new to the world of online business and affiliate marketing may see the Free Money Funnel as an accessible entry point, as it purportedly requires no previous experience or technical skills.
  • Individuals Interested in Passive Income: People interested in generating passive income streams without actively managing clients or providing ongoing services may be drawn to the program's promise of earning commissions through referrals.


  • Q: What is this program?
    A: The Free Money Funnel is an instant coaching program that guides you on how to earn commissions by providing free ad credits to new local businesses.
  • Q: Is this a novel approach?
    A: This strategy has never been disclosed before. The sources of leads are fresh, and the agencies involved are carefully selected. This is the first time I am unveiling any of this.
  • Q: Is this suitable for beginners?
    A: Absolutely! The program is designed in a step-by-step manner with ready-to-use materials. No prior experience is required. If you can send an email, you can easily manage this business from home.
  • Q: How does it operate?
    A: You utilize an AI sales funnel to generate leads for businesses and offer them free ad credits. You receive a commission when they utilize the ad credits and create email leads. Daily, you forward these leads to marketing agencies and earn a percentage of their collected fees.
  • Q: Does it involve a free traffic strategy?
    A: Yes! All the leads produced in this program are through cost-free methods.
  • Q: What is the earning potential?
    A: Legally, we can't promise earnings as not everyone will implement it. However, commissions per client can vary from $500 to $5,000 monthly. Depending on the number of clients you acquire, this can lead to earnings ranging from $50,000 to over $1,000,000 annually in fees, though most individuals may not earn anything.
  • Q: How soon can I expect to make money?
    A: Some users have received their first payment in as little as a week. The time it takes solely depends on how promptly you act on it.
  • Q: What is the ideal client onboarding process?
    A: The onboarding process is managed for you! The advantage of working with agencies is that you do not have to handle clients after closing a deal. They will be taken care of by professionals through phone calls and webinars.
  • Q: How should I price my services or products?
    A: The pricing structure is already set up by these agencies with a profitable margin for you. Each service comes with a different price range, and you will learn the best pricing strategies in the master class.
  • Q: Can someone start an agency part-time while working full-time elsewhere?
    A: It only takes 30 minutes to set up initially and then 30 minutes weekly to manage emails. You can do this in the morning over coffee or at night before bed.
  • Q: How much time needs to be dedicated to each client on average?
    A: None! Once everything is set up, the agencies handle all the work for you, while you earn a continuous commission on every expenditure they make.


The Free Money Funnel provides a simple way to earn commissions by offering free advertising credits to local businesses. With AI-powered tools and no prior experience required, it presents an appealing opportunity for those looking to diversify their income streams.

Don't pass up the opportunity to unlock a profitable income stream with the Free Money Funnel.

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