AI Creators + OTOs Review: 9-in-1 Thinking AI Assistants

AI Creators

AI Creators Overview: 

AI Creators-demo

In today's digital landscape, video content reigns supreme, with billions of views on platforms like YouTube each month. Leveraging video marketing is essential for businesses seeking to expand their online presence and drive traffic to their websites. However, creating engaging videos can be challenging without the right tools.

That's where AI Creators comes in. This innovative suite of AI-powered tools is designed to streamline the video creation process, from generating content ideas based on real audience questions to transforming ideas into captivating scripts. Say goodbye to switching between multiple apps—AI Creators has everything you need to create high-quality, user-focused video content.

AI Creators OTOs:

FE – AI Creator Pro – $17

  • Launch Your AI-Powered Video Creation Suite In Seconds
  • 9 Cutting-Edge AI Assistants To Revolutionize Your Video Content
  • Sell AI-Generated Videos, Scripts, and Services For Huge Profits
  • ZERO Limits on Features, Usage, or AI Capabilities
  • Customers Will Beg For Access To AI Creators' Innovative Tools
  • Get Up And Running With Powerful AI Video Creation In 2 Minutes
  • Let AI Creators Automate Your Marketing To Attract Hordes Of Customers
  • Use AI Creators To Supercharge Your Business With Smarter Video Workflows
  • The Demand For AI Creators Will Rapidly Outpace What You Can Deliver
  • AI Creators Promotes Itself Through Amazing AI-Powered Assets
  • 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed For Uninterrupted AI-Driven Productivity
  • ZERO Upfront Cost To Access 9 Powerful AI Assistants
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee To Try AI Creators Risk-Free

OTO1 – AI Creators UNLIMITED – $67

  • Remove All Limits And Unlock Unlimited Access & Use Of The 9 Super Intelligent Assistants In Your Account.
  • Unlimited Content Research to Always Stay Ahead of Trends.
  • Unlimited Engaging Scriptwriting for any Topic or Niche.
  • Unlimited Video Direction to Turn Scripts into Stunning Videos.
  • Unlimited Use of Teleprompters for Super Smooth Voiceovers.
  • Unlimited Script & Video Repurposing to Refresh Old Content.
  • Unlimited Audio Enhancement for Professional Sound.
  • Unlimited VoiceOvers in 300+ Voices and 90 Languages.
  • Unlock Commercial License & Make Crazy Profits Like Never Before.
  • Maximize AI Creators To Its Fullest & Avoid Leaving Profits On The Table It Gives Massive Unfair Advantage Over Other Members of AI Creators.
  • UNLIMITED access to Each of the 9 Powerful Assistants.
  • UNLIMITED Brand Management, Includes commercial rights, you’ll have the ultimate power to churn out captivating content at will.

OTO2 – AI Creators Video Builder – $47

  • Complete Your AI-Powered Video Domination Arsenal With The Bleeding-Edge VIDEO BUILDER That Churns Out Professional-Grade Visuals Like Clockwork
  • Bring your Scripts & Ideas to Life as Stunning Videos with Lightning Speed Without Recording, Showing your Face, and Wasting Hours on Complicated Software!
  • Lightning Fast Creation – Churn out unlimited videos with seamless, automated production.
  • Drag-and-Drop Simplicity – Build stunning videos in minutes without any technical skills. Our AI fills in the gaps!
  • 100% Customization – Tweak every video until it perfectly aligns with your brand identity.
  • AI-Generated Elements – Get suggested text, graphics, animations, and more based on your script and brand.
  • Dynamic Templates – Choose from tons of done-for-you templates and personalize them with just a click.
  • Built-In Analytics – See real-time stats to optimize and maximize video performance.
  • Professional Sound & Visuals – High-quality graphics, animations, and AI-enhanced audio.
  • Easy Integration – Seamlessly bring scripts and content from the AI Creators suite to life.
  • Feedback Loop – Continuously improve videos based on built-in analytics.
  • Hands-Free System – Our AI handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on strategy and creativity!
  • Deliver Monthly Managed Full Video Creation Services For Big Recurring Fees. Zero Experience Required!
  • Hands-Free System – Our AI handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on strategy and creativity!

OTO3 – AI Creators Academy – $67

  • Comprehensive Step-by-step client getting training videos
  • DFY High converting tailored lead pages For Attracting Prospects Without Cold Pitches.
  • DFY Sales Funnels That Automate The Client Acquisition Process Even While You Sleep.
  • Expertly Written Email Copies For Highly Effective Cold Outreach.
  • Comprehensive Legal & Compliance Breakdown
  • Exclusive Access to rolodex of strategies Used by 7-Figure Agency Owners.
  • Instant Access to Endless Client Finding opportunities
  • Automated selling system
  • Focus only on delivery (Which AI Creators + Video Builder App Does for you)
  • Build a Wildly Profitable Freelance business

OTO4 – AI Creators Client Finda – $97

  • Precision Targeting – This AI seeks out your ideal Prospective Clients based on criteria you specify.
  • Automated Outreach – Personalized emails, LinkedIn messages, and more are sent directly on your behalf.
  • Lead Generation on Autopilot – Promote your offering and capture new leads effortlessly – Completely Hands-Free.
  • Impeccable Lead Nurturing – Tailored follow-up messages move leads down the funnel.
  • Built-in Analytics – See real-time stats on outreach and lead gen performance.
  • AI Power – Leverage the latest AI to automate traditionally manual work.
  • Worry Only About Service Delivery.
  • Make Sure Your Services are Constantly Overbooked!

OTO5 – AI Creators Profit Mazimizer – $67

  • Convert clients into recurring subscribers for predictable revenue
  • Upsell clients seamlessly with built-in automated offers
  • Reduce client churn and increase retention
  • Tap into additional revenue streams from current clients
  • Systemize and automate maximizing client LTV
  • Funnel builder is newbie-friendly, no coding or tech skills needed
  • Built-in templates make funnel creation fast and easy
  • Fully customizable to match your branding in minutes
  • AI copywriting creates high-converting sales copy 24/7
  • More profit from each client on complete autopilot!

AI Creators Feature:

  1. AI Creator 1 – Content Research Assistant:
    This AI tool is dedicated to discovering engaging content ideas that align with your audience's interests and questions. By utilizing advanced AI technology named ReAct (Reasoning and Action), it identifies popular queries on Google related to any topic and generates creative video concepts. This innovative approach combines SEO strategies with AI to offer content ideas based on real audience demand rather than assumptions.

  2. AI Creator 2 – Video Scriptwriter Assistant:
    The Video Scriptwriter Assistant is tailored to convert your video concept into a compelling and high-quality script. It transforms your script into proven styles that drive viewer engagement and conversions. Whether you require a brief video reel or a full-length YouTube video, this assistant can create scripts of any length efficiently.

  3. AI Creator 3 – AI Video Director:
    The AI Video Director offers creative advice on how to bring your script to life in an engaging video production. Taking into account your available resources, it effectively plans video scenes and scripts. With the AI Video Director, video production speeds up significantly, catering to both beginners and experienced video creators alike.

  4. AI Creator 4 – Teleprompter Assistant:
    Whether you plan to use voiceover or present a spokesperson video, the AI Teleprompter Assistant streamlines the process, saving time and reducing retakes due to errors. Equipped with advanced features, this assistant facilitates seamless recitation of scripts and recording of videos or audio in a single take.

  5. AI Creator 5 – Script Repurpose AI:
    The Script Repurpose AI prevents plagiarism and enables quick adaptation to trends by rewriting scripts from popular videos. By providing a link to a viral or chosen video, this AI tool generates a fresh script while retaining the original video's style.

  6. AI Creator 6 – Video Repurpose AI:
    The Video Repurpose AI transforms lengthy videos, including older content, into shorter clips suitable for platforms like Instagram reels and TikTok. Instead of creating new content from scratch, you can repurpose existing long videos, whether your own or with a CC license, into engaging social media content for your brand.

  7. AI Creator 7 – Audio Enhancer AI:
    Elevate your audio recordings by removing background noises, reverberations, and hums with a single click using the Audio Enhancer AI. This feature ensures clear and crisp audio, ideal for creating captivating voiceovers and audio content for your videos.

  8. AI Creator 8 – AI Voices:
    Access a wide range of voiceover artists speaking 90 languages and accents to add emotion and natural-sounding voices to your content. Generate voices that sound authentic and human-like for enhanced engagement.

  9. AI Creator 9 – Video Repurpose:
    AI Creators Performance introduces the Video Repurpose feature, allowing effortless segmentation of long videos (including CC videos on YouTube or your own content) into smaller clips for social media platforms. This feature simplifies the process for podcasters to create Instagram reels, TikTok videos, YouTube shorts, and Story videos without manual intervention.

How Does It Work?

You only need to click the mouse three times.

  1. Log in to the AI Creators cloud-based and intuitive app.
  2. Access any of the powerful AI assistants in your dashboard.
  3. Create.
  4. Profit massively.


  • Enhanced relevance through content ideation derived from real audience queries.
  • Engaging topics ensured by the integration of SEO techniques with AI.
  • Pioneering use of AI to create content tailored to audience preferences.
  • Streamlined content creation through efficient conversion of video ideas into structured scripts.
  • Increased conversion rates with the use of proven script templates.
  • Versatile script creation for different video lengths and formats.
  • Saving time and effort across multiple tasks.
  • Capable of producing visually appealing videos.
  • Supported by a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Accessible pricing caters to a broad user base.


No disadvantages detected.

Who should Use AI Creators?

No matter your current online activities, you'll discover this cutting-edge software to be extremely beneficial!

  • Content Creators and Influencers: Easily expand your channel and audience by producing viral video content.
  • Podcasters: Accelerate show production and enhance growth by repurposing content into video clips.
  • Bloggers: Generate captivating social videos automatically to keep your audience engaged.
  • Coaches and Consultants: Efficiently create online courses and webinars through video production.
  • Agencies: Enhance client outcomes by providing comprehensive video and marketing services.
  • Small Businesses: Differentiate yourself from competitors with compelling video ads and campaigns.
  • Freelancers: Offer top-notch video editing, animation, and marketing services using advanced tools.
  • Affiliate Marketers: Boost conversions by creating video reviews, bonuses, and funnel campaigns.
  • Authors: Develop a loyal fanbase and increase book sales with book trailers, interviews, and engaging social media content.
  • Nonprofits: Effectively engage donors and convey impactful stories through video storytelling.


AI Creators-demo


Discover the transformative potential of AI Creators in reshaping your content creation process. By merging AI technology and SEO methods, this innovative platform opens up countless opportunities to captivate your audience in unprecedented ways. Seize this groundbreaking chance and revolutionize your approach to content creation.

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