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GSubmitter is a very worthwhile software that can help seller enhance popularity, evaluation and traffic flow in a short time.

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Main Features

What Can gSubmitter Do For You?
Improve your store's ranking in Google search engine and Google map.
You can search your search engine (Google) and Google maps for your keyword (shop location + name) or link to find your store, and you can simulate many different accounts according to your settings. You can set up how many comments you will get in a certain period of time. These will be done as a real person, and your store traffic will increase rapidly in Google.
Increase your traffic to defeat your opponent and make your business better and better. Or beat your competitors
GSubmitter can directly access any comment interface on Google (engine / map) and perform your pre configured tasks. It can be set by setting random rating reviews, manually looking, agents, users, and access time to simulate real human operations… Your competitors will be crazy because of this
Does the store score low, and the sales are low?
It takes a lot of time to manage, but because business growth is slow, you can't meet the normal income standard. Will this seriously affect your mood? Try gSubmitter immediately and concentrate on doing business.
New stores that have just started? Lack of reputation?
When most people do not understand the shop, you can increase the popularity of gSubmitter, and everyone's approval, so that the situation of the shop is getting better and better.

Why Choose gSubmitter
– GSubmitter is a multi-functional, professional flow tool, timing start, stay time, access and scoring, agent, user, screen resolution and other advanced functions.
– gSubmitter can work like the real human and avoid detected as bot by simulate human's mouse move, click, scroll and keyboard input etc…
– GSubmitter easily defeats opponents by increasing their traffic and magnifying the shortcomings of others.
gSubmitter is very powerful and smart, you can run multi-tasks at the same time, and you can also run schedule tasks.
– gSubmitter is easy to operate. The interface is concise and pleasant, emphasizing more on experience. You will find it simple to run it owing to the detailed information of functions. It is user-friendly and needs no installation. You can run it after downloading and extracting. Plus, we provide 7*24*365 great support for you.
– Besides, it is real and effective, and based on the principle of web visits. You will definitely get much real traffic to promote the ranking and popularity in a short time.

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