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How Free Products Lead To Profit

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How Free Products Lead To Profit outlines how to create the top 12 converting types of free products and then how to monetize them long term for revenue and sales.

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FE – How Free Products Lead To Profit – $27

  • In Part 1, YOUR Community Will LOVE These Checklists that Help Them Drive More Cash Into Their Accounts by Giving Away Free Products!
  • These Free Offer Tools Include:
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Infographics
  • Worksheets
  • Templates
  • Process Maps
  • Live Q/A Calls
  • Planners
  • Checklists
  • Documents
  • Forms
  • Mind Maps
  • Group Coaching
  • Buyers Guides
  • Mini Course
  • Swipe Files
  • Tips
  • Contendeos
  • Article Library
  • In Part 2, We Make Sure YOUR Customer Has the Resources Needed to Implement the Free Product to Profit Process!
  • Resource 1: The Free Offer Creation Worksheet
  • Resource 2: 120 Examples of Highly Effective Free Offers Across 10 Popular Markets
  • Resource 3: 5 Steps To Buying PLR To Create Your Free Offer
  • Resource 4: 10 Mistakes People Make With Free Offers (And How To Fix Them)
  • Resource 5: The Five Fundamentals Of Free Offers That Convert
  • Resource 6: 20 Freebie Shortcuts To Make Them Faster, Easier And Better
  • Resource 7: 24 Hours To Your First Sales Funnel
  • Resource 8: Free Offer Funnel Templates


OTO1 – How Free Products Lead To Profit – Create A Low Cost Buyers List – $27

  • MODULE 1: Your Low Cost Product Suite Idea Map
  • MODULE 2: Create Your Low Cost eBook
  • MODULE 3: Create Your Low Cost eCourse
  • MODULE 4: Create Your Low Cost Group Coaching Program

OTO2 – How Free Products Lead To Profit – Evergreen List Building Secrets – $37

  • The Carnegie Method: Opens doors, gets you promoted to lists, and takes you places you never dreamed you could go.
  • The Gardyne Method: For an endless flow of leads, affiliates and potential buyers.
  • The Beneteau Method: Blowing up an affiliate. It's designed to make your traffic grow without you.
  • The Best Viral Method: In the world that requires nothing special. You can implement this one in just a day or two. Then after that you just duplicate it. And swap out a few things.
  • The Automated Affiliate Magnet Method: This is an automated system that works like a magnet to attract affiliates who can promote for you.
  • The Shopping Cart Freebie Method: It's works like a charm, sucking up leads AND sales – almost invisibly.
  • The Amazing Freebie Method: NO promotion or list building. Because of this method, it all happened automatically. Made a ton of sales from it. Once you set it in motion, it can take on a life of its own, building your list for you.
  • The Perdew-Sanders Method: Best of all, it doesn't cost you money. It makes you money.
  • The Odd Method: Borrowed from a legendary business down the street and it started a whole trend in the industry.
  • The 5-Minute Promo Method: Use this within 5 minutes of getting your hands on it.

OTO3 – How Free Products Lead To Profit – The MyNAMS Insiders Club Annual – $197/y

  • More than 50 Step-by-Step training programs on all aspects of building a business online.
  • Marketing software to help you get more customers faster.
  • Monthly reports, checklists, workbooks and resource directories to help you tackle a specific topic.
  • Automatic access to The MyNAMS Profit Planners Library program at no cost
  • Automatic access to The Six Figure Momentum Circle monthly program at no cost
  • And the big one that people love is our Weekly Live Mastermind call each Thursday.

OTO4 – Fast Business How Free Products Lead To Profit – Start Up Virtual Workshop Course – $97

  • Pre-Workshop Homework sessions
  • 8 Training sessions in the Fast Business Startup Virtual Workshop
  • PDFs of all the slides in the training
  • Transcripts of all the training sessions with time stamps so you can go to specific parts of the video training and review certain sections as needed
  • Proprietary NAMS Income Stream Calculator tool
  • Proprietary NAMS Tweet Composer tool
  • Templates including:
  • Hub and Spoke traffic template
  • Customer Avatar template
  • 7 Step StorySelling template to help create persuasive content
  • 4 Email promotional templates
  • 10 Email nurture series campaign template
  • 15 Bonus videos highlighting tools we use to make money
  • Private Facebook group

OTO5 – How Free Products Lead To Profit – How To Create Winning Sales Letters With ChatGPT – $6.99

  • Uncover the Keyword Phrases to Build a Solid SEO Campaign Around…
  • Create Your Content Plan With the Click of a Button!
  • Visualize It to Understand Getting the Right Traffic Better!
  • One of the Best Ways to Create Fast Traffic Is With Twitter.

OTO6 – How Free Products Lead To Profit – The Six Figure Momentum Circle – $77/y

  • How to build a simple, converting funnel
  • The 3 email campaigns every business needs and how to create them
  • Writing blog content that converts to sales and leads
  • The secrets to automation for 24/7 sales
  • Getting traffic on Facebook
  • How to select a solo ad provider and buy an ad
  • How to write a JV page for affiliate promotions
  • How to create a bridge page for your affiliate offers

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