+ OTOs + OTOs OverView: is an online software about rebranding content. Its main function is to let users rebrand content with the affiliate links. Via the content, the inserted links promote the products.

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Front End (See Details):
OTO 1 (Instantly Rebrandable Content):
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OTO 2 ( Training):
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OTO 3 (Internet Marketing Newsletter):
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Main Features

There are 6 modules and my Review will explain one by one.
1.Rebrandable Reports
This is the essential of Its library gives you 17 rebrandable content to stamp your own mark.
The brand, customer name or related things in the reports are customizable.
The special thing is you can edit the links as well. Under the displayed link is your affiliate links.
This feature is the key to promote your products. You can improve your commission with real clicks without SEO or paid ads.
2.SaaS dashboard
The online platform is the place to convert your content into the web codes. It’s also the location to keep your content.
This is where you operate. User create the campaign in the dashboard to start. The initial setting includes filing the information about how your campaign display.
With the content imported,’s tool will create a code to embed in your page. This code helps you insert the content for your leads to download.
3.Plugin Download and Licensing
In this module, users will receive the license and the plugin. provides the plugin for WP sites. WP is hosting a majority of websites so I think almost all of you can use it.
With the generated code, you just need to copy it in your page source code. It may sound “techy” but so simple.
After finishing, you can view the page with the downloadable content on the page. Inside the material is your affiliate links.
4.User guide and How to use
I don’t usually put too much hope in the tutorial, but the guideline is practically helpful. They show you the baby steps to monitor your campaign and use all software features.
5.Examples and Ideas
This part is like the recommendation part. Developers suggest you what should do with the rebranding content.
You can use them as giveaway to build lists or as awards for engaging games, etc.
6.Extra bonuses
Inside this part, you will find the bonuses of developers. Now it includes the available bonuses in launching time. Maybe they will update more.

Who should use
In my opinion, it will deliver great result for:
– Affiliate marketers
– Bloggers
– eComs store owners

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