VideoCampaignor + OTOs

VideoCampaignor OverView:
VideoCampaignor is New App Creates Interactive ‘Video Sales Bots' …
Your Own Personal ARMY Of Automated Virtual Workers You Can RENT OUT To Businesses For $1,000 /Mo
And (LEGALLY) Keep ALL Of The Profits To Yourself!


FE – VideoCampaignor – 47$

  • Create and sell up to 50 campaigns for you or your clients.
  • 50 Done For You Video Sales Bots in the hottest niches.
  • The $50k Roadmap Training.
  • Copy & Paste Client Getting Emails.

OTO1 – VideoCampaignor Conversions Supercharger – 67$

  • Pop-UP Video Campaigns
  • Make your Video Sales Bot “pop up” and start playing when your visitors perform a specific action on your site. Such as clicking anywhere on your site, staying on your site for a certain amount of time, or when when someone tries to leave your site. Improve bounce rates immediately with this “conversion trick.”
  • Pop-OVER Video Campaigns
  • “Hide” your Video Sales Bot within the content on yours or your client’s website and have it start playing when a visitor hovers over a certain sentence, phrase or image on your site!
  • This is the perfect addon for websites about a specific product or service. Have your Video Sales Bot close the deal for you once it “senses” someone is interested…
  • Sticky Video Campaigns
  • Keep your Video Sales Bots “front and center” on your website by making them “stick” as your visitors scroll down the page and browse through the content on your site. This is like having your own virtual salesperson that lives on your website and follows your visitors around to complete any objective you want!
  • Big businesses LOVE this video conversion trick because it works…
  • Tab Video Campaigns
  • Place your Video Sales Bots in an animated, clickable tab in the corner of your websites and landing pages, constantly enticing your site's traffic to click! Once clicked, it summons your Video Sales Bot into action. Once your viewers are done interacting with your Video Sales Bot, they can conveniently collapse it back into an icon on the corner of your site. This gives your visitors ultimate control over their Video Sales Bot experience!

OTO2 – VideoCampaignor Unlimited – 197$

  • First, Unlock Unlimited Capabilities…
  • With VideoCampaignor's Commercial License you're limited to 50 total campaigns. This upgrade completely removes any campaign restrictions, allowing you to create as many campaigns as you'd like – which turns into UNLIMITED earnings potential…
  • Utilize Peter's Proven “50K Roadmap” Training…
  • Make sure you maximize your Unlimited potential! Peter's “50K Roadmap” training has produced REAL results for REAL people. He holds you by the hand and teaches you step-by-step how to get high paying clients! The best part is this can work for ANY of products and services you offer…
  • Turn Each Video Sales Bot Into A Cash Machine!
  • With VideoCampaignor Unlimited plus Peter's proven training, your Video Sales Bots are turned into powerful conversion machines, working on auto-pilot for you and your clients. This means you could be collecting pay check after pay check for EVERY single Video Sales Bot you create!
  • 10X,100X Your Earnings!
  • Once you've nailed down the process and turned one campaign into profits, rinse and repeat across every campaign type in VideoCampaignor – and remember – Unlimited applies to every feature in VideoCampaignor, even to the upgrades like Conversions Supercharger and more!

OTO3 – VideoCampaignor Deal Page Hero – 47$

  • Select Your Deal Page Style
  • Pick from three stunning, fully customizable templates that are the perfect landing page solution for your video campaigns. These landing pages are built to work hand-in-hand with your VideoCampaignor videos to MAXIMIZE results!
  • Make Them Sales Machines…
  • Add your payment buttons, make changes to your deal pages on the fly with a single click, add your own custom domain with ease, add any ad or tracking pixels to build audiences, track analytics and more!
  • Launch Your Special Deals
  • They're perfect for taking advantage of the seasonal special offers. You can run deals like Mother’s day special offers, Father’s day deals, Black Friday offers, Cyber Monday offers, summer sales discount, free delivery deals, back to school discounts, any deal type you can think of, you can easily create!
  • Sit Back and Relax…
  • Once deployed your Deal Pages will be working for you along side your Video Sales Robots to convert, convert, convert! And Remember SSL HOSTING is INCLUDED for the low, one-time investment you see on this page!

OTO4 – VideoCampaignor Page Hijacker – 27$

  • Hijack Almost Any Web Page…
  • Legally “hijack” supported web pages and place your video sales bots on top of them! Affiliate marketing, and making profits using other websites, has never been easier! Gain authority and influence from other websites to boost conversions, and more!
  • Get Maximum Exposure…
  • Share your Page Hijacker link on social media, chats, forums, through email, etc, for maximum exposure!
  • Create and use interactive videos in your “page hijack” campaigns and skyrocket your results!
  • You can even add pixels to your hijacker campaigns to instantly build custom targeted audiences to retarget!
  • Get The Very Best Results…
  • Page Hijacker is equipped with in-depth analytics. So even though your video campaign is “living” on an outside web page, you can still take a deep dive into how your campaign is working and make sure it's delivering maximum performance!

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  • SPECIAL BONUS 1 – MultiNetwork Poster
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  • SPECIAL BONUS 2 – ContentLynk
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  • SPECIAL BONUS 3 – AK Booster Pro
  • SyrMW6W
  • SPECIAL BONUS 4 – FB MultiPoster
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  • SPECIAL BONUS 5 – GramHood
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  • SPECIAL BONUS 6 – Serp Scribe
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  • SPECIAL BONUS 7 – RankMe
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  • SPECIAL BONUS 8 – RankMe
  • oLma7Gw

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