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ARMagic Overview: 


In today's fast-paced world, capturing and retaining audience attention is a formidable challenge. That's where Augmented Reality (AR) emerges as a game-changer, offering a dynamic solution to cut through the noise and leave a lasting impression. By seamlessly integrating AR into your marketing strategy, you can elevate ordinary content into immersive experiences that drive engagement, conversions, and brand loyalty.

Picture this: transporting your audience into a virtual realm where they can interact with your offerings in real-time, all from their mobile devices. However, the complexity of creating AR content can be daunting, particularly for non-technical individuals. Enter ARMagic – your key to unlocking the potential of AR effortlessly.

With ARMagic, you can transform your concepts into captivating experiences without the need for extensive technical expertise. Why struggle to keep pace with competitors when you can lead the pack with ARMagic? Join us on a journey of innovation and differentiation in the digital landscape.

ARMagic OTOs:

FE – ARMagic Elite – $37

  • Video Tutorials Included
  • 24-7 App Support & Knowledgebase
  • Multiscene 3D Technology
  • Interactive Experience Technology
  • Import Your Own Videos & Assets
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • DFY Augmented Reality Scenes Library
  • AR 3D Assets Library
  • Videos, Images, Audios, Text, 3D Models Supported
  • Built-in Ads, Cards, & Flyers Editor
  • DFY Ads, Cards, & Flyer Templates
  • Make 500 AR Campaigns / Month
  • Make 500 Ads, Cards, & Flyers / Month
  • Get 50,000 QR Scans / Month
  • Commercial Rights – Sell Campaigns to Businesses

OTO1 – ARMagic Gold – $97

  • Agency License (15 Accounts) – let clients log into the software to make the AR campaigns how they like
  • Create Unlimited AR Campaigns
  • Unlimited AR Experiences
  • Import Unlimited Assets
  • Create Unlimited Business Cards, Flyers, & Ads
  • Get 20 More AR Templates in Hot Niches
  • Get More Business Card, Flyer, & Ads Templates
  • Faster QR-Code Load Time
  • VIP Support
  • Unlimited VIP Bonuses

OTO2 – ARMagic Platinum – $67

Get 30x more results by expanding into international markets, removing branding, template access, and far more including…

  • International Technology – Create AR Experiences in Any Language
  • Translate AR Campaigns to Any Language Fast
  • Remove the ‘Powered by ARMagic’ link at the bottom of some AR experiences
  • DFY AR Agency Site
  • AR Eye-popping Ads & Traffic Campaign
  • DFY Hosting for AR Agency Site
  • Free Access to the ARMagic Template Club
  • Platinum Secret VIP Bonuses

OTO3 – ARMagic Enterprise – $127

  • Agency Whitelabel Technology
  • Add 100 Agency Clients
  • Enterprise Reseller
  • Enterprise TMA Tech.
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Enterprise Outsourcing Suite
  • AR/VR Presentation
  • AR Proposals for Clients
  • Fiverr Gig & Upwork Training & Templates
  • Mega Business Card Bundle
  • Brochure for QR Codes
  • DFY Cold Email Swipes
  • Enterprise Bonuses (Today Only)

OTO4 – ARMagic Voiclet – $29

  • Tutorials & Full Knowledgebase
  • iOS & Android Native Agent App Included
  • Capture Leads & Integrate Autoresponders
  • Get 10,000 Video Call Minutes Per Account/Client, Per Month ($0.0030 cent charge each minute after for HD video & $0.0001 for audio)
  • Advanced Call Encryption
  • Detailed Call Analytics
  • Create 500 Video Funnel Campaigns Per Account
  • Integrate 10 Agents Per Campaign
  • Create 500 Magic Video Links Per Account
  • Create 500 Embed Widgets Per Account
  • QR Code Instant Video Call Tech.
  • Answer Calls Worldwide in Full HD
  • Share Screen & Send Links
  • Get Prequalified Clients
  • Get Access to Agents to Answer Calls
  • Commercial Rights – Sell to Unlimited Clients
  • Agency Rights – Integrate 15 Clients into the App

OTO5 – ARMagic Voicely – $27

Easily generate realistic voiceovers for your videos, podcasts, and presentations using this user-friendly text-to-speech software

  • Most Realistic A.I. Voiceovers
  • Male & Female Voices
  • Play Faster/Slower
  • International Accents & Languages
  • Adjust Voiceover Pitch
  • Add Sentence Breaks
  • Multiple Accents
  • Background Soundtracks
  • Emotion Voiceover Technology
  • 100% Cloud-Based Access
  • Generate Unlimited Audio Tracks
  • Commercial Rights
  • Sell to Businesses

OTO6 – ARMagic AIChatSuite – $27

  • Unlimited Characters
  • Unlimited Chatbots
  • AI-Powered Support Pages
  • Analytics Access
  • Automatic Knowledge Base Generation
  • Support Ticket Management
  • Feedback Management
  • Live Agent
  • Embed on Unlimited Websites
  • Conversation History
  • Third Party Integrations

Product Features:

  • Create captivating 3D augmented reality marketing materials to boost product sales, lead generation, and user engagement.
  • Utilize a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor to easily place images, videos, and 3D models for scene creation.
  • Access a vast library of pre-designed 3D AR scenes across various niches, customizable to suit your needs or start from scratch.
  • Incorporate magical QR codes or images for visitors to engage in immersive 3D AR experiences.
  • Enhance lead generation, sales, and brand visibility by integrating 3D AR experiences into websites, landing pages, business cards, and flyers.
  • Choose from a wide selection of 3D assets by entering keywords to enrich your AR experiences.
  • Customize advertisements, business cards, and flyers using templates to include your magic QR code.
  • Import your own marketing materials such as videos, images, and 3D assets into the augmented reality scenes.
  • Enable potential customers to preview products in augmented reality to facilitate online shopping and increase sales.
  • No need for additional apps or hardware to interact with the AR scenes, making it accessible to all users.
  • Ideal for commercial use, catering to businesses seeking innovative marketing solutions.
  • Access ready-made templates for ads, cards, and flyers for convenience.
  • Employ special multiscene 3D technology to showcase multiple images simultaneously.
  • Compatible with any device for instant access.
  • Engage users with interactive augmented reality features.
  • A straightforward ‘no-code' solution suitable for all users.

How Does It Work?

Armagic is very user-friendly.

  1. Step 1: Create augmented reality experiences using AI

    Choose from a selection of personalized pre-designed templates for augmented reality experiences in various fields, or start from scratch with the ‘blank canvas' editor to craft your own creation.

  2. Step 2: Customize with drag-and-drop functionality

    Easily adjust your augmented reality experience with the user-friendly no-code editor. Place 3D elements precisely where you want them, resize, and move them effortlessly to match your vision.

    Access a wide range of 3D models and assets to enhance your experience, or seamlessly incorporate your own 3D files, images, videos, and more.

    You can also add interactivity to each 3D element to engage leads, enhance social media presence, increase sales, and more.

  3. Step 3: Embed the magic: QR code or special image anywhere

    Generate a unique QR code or special image that, upon scanning, will reveal the augmented reality experience.

    No need for additional app downloads, metaverse gadgets, or equipment to enjoy the enchantment.

  4. Step 4: Integrate with Ready-Made Cards, Flyers, Ads, & Various Platforms

    Efficiently create business cards, flyers, social media ads, and other materials directly within ARMagic to seamlessly include your QR code.

    Select from a variety of pre-designed templates in popular categories to customize them and export for immediate use or client presentation with ease.


  • No Coding Necessary: Allows users to create engaging augmented reality content without the need for coding skills, ensuring accessibility for all.
  • Pre-made 3D AR Scenes: Provides a diverse range of pre-made 3D AR scenes across various categories, saving time and effort in content creation.
  • Extensive Library of 3D Assets: Access to a vast library of 3D assets via keyword search, enabling limitless customization and creativity in AR campaigns.
  • Compatibility Across Devices: Works smoothly on all devices instantly, expanding the accessibility and audience reach for AR experiences.
  • Zero Code Editor with Drag-and-Drop Feature: Includes a zero code editor with drag-and-drop functionality, simplifying the creation of visually appealing marketing materials for users of all levels.
  • Captivating Marketing: Helps businesses stand out from competitors by offering immersive AR experiences that can attract attention, generate leads, and potentially increase sales.
  • No App Downloads Needed: Provides AR experiences that do not require app downloads or extra hardware, ensuring a seamless and convenient user interaction.
  • Money-Back Guarantee and 24/7 Support: Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and round-the-clock customer support for assistance.


  • Internet Connection Necessary: Users must have an internet connection to use the product, which could be limiting in areas with poor connectivity or during internet outages.

Who Should Use ARMagic?

ARMAGIC is a versatile tool suitable for individuals looking to excel in their field and drive sales effectively!

  • Affiliates: Stand out from competitors by integrating AR review pages and experiences on your website to enrich your email list.
  • Agencies: Generate revenue by offering captivating flyers, websites, business cards, and more to small businesses either online or offline.
  • Local Business Owners: Enhance outdated flyers, business cards, websites, and packaging with engaging AR solutions that capture customer interest.
  • Coaches & Consultants: Boost your credibility by incorporating AR demonstrations into your informational products.
  • Ecommerce: Enable customers to virtually try products in their own homes before making online purchases.
  • Side Hustlers: Explore the potential of offering AR creation services on popular freelance platforms with minimal competition.
  • Newbies: Overwhelmed by online sales? Consider establishing an innovative AI-AR agency to make a mark in the industry.




In summary, ARMagic provides a revolutionary solution for augmented reality marketing, ensuring captivating content creation and remarkable conversion rates. Bid farewell to high costs associated with tools and freelancers. With ARMagic, you gain an affordable pathway to captivating AR experiences. Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your marketing strategy today!

Enhance your campaigns, capture leads, and effortlessly turn clicks into revenue. Don't hesitate – take action now and transform your marketing approach with ARMagic!

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  • SPECIAL BONUS 2 – ContentLynk
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  • SPECIAL BONUS 3 – AK Booster Pro
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  • SPECIAL BONUS 4 – FB MultiPoster
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  • SPECIAL BONUS 6 – Serp Scribe
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