Fomo Proofs + OTOs Review: Developed In Consultation With A Top Consumer Behavior Strategist

Fomo Proofs

Fomo Proofs Overview: 

Fomo Proofs-demo

Fomo Proofs is a powerful tool that enables instant and effective communication with your audience. It allows you to easily share important updates, promotions, and exclusive offers directly to your audience's devices in real-time.

The Smart AI feature goes a step further by analyzing your visitors' interactions on your website, sales page, or landing page. It then creates customized messages based on their behavior, incorporating effective psychological triggers to encourage immediate action.

This personalized approach has been shown to increase the likelihood of turning leads into sales, ultimately enhancing your conversions, sales, and profits. Whether you're a small business owner, a marketer, or an entrepreneur, Fomo Proofs is crucial for maintaining audience connections and boosting engagement.

Fomo Proofs OTOs Links Below:

FE – Fomo Proofs – $37

Fomo Proof is a set of marketing tools, plugins, and pop-ups to create FOMO, Social Proof, and Engage and keep your website visitors engaged.

  • Create 50 Campaigns
  • Create 200 Notifications
  • 50,000 Impressions Per Month
  • 5000 Sessions per month
  • 30 Days Data Retention
  • Multi-lingual Platform [English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic]
  • Restrict Domains Usage
  • Informational Notifications
  • Coupon Notifications
  • Live Counter
  • Collect Emails
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Counter
  • Video CTA Notifications
  • Social Share
  • Reviews
  • Emoji Feedback

NOTIFICATIONS & CAMPAIGNS STATISTICS – Users will have a dedicated page for statistics for each of their campaigns & notifications.

Track all of the following below:

  • Impressions
  • Mouse Hovers
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Form Submissions

OTO1 – Fomo Proofs PRO Unlimited – $47

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Notifications
  • Unlimited Sessions per month
  • Unlimited Impressions Per Month
  • 180 Days Data Retention

Fully Customized Branding

New Notification Types:

  1. The informational bar
  2. The image
  3. The collector bar
  4. The coupon bar
  5. The button bar
  6. The collector modal
  7. The collector two modal
  8. The button modal
  9. The text feedback
  10. The engagement links
  11. Whatsapp Chat
  12. Contact us

PLUS, these features:

  • UNLIMITED CAMPAIGNS – Users can create campaigns for any of their website domains.
  • CUSTOM CAMPAIGNS BRANDING – Users are able to set their own branding of the notifications that they create.
  • CREATE UNLIMITED NOTIFICATIONS – Create how many notifications per campaign you need.
  • HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE NOTIFICATIONS – Users can set their own settings of the notifications they create and control everything through the settings.
  • NOTIFICATIONS CONVERSIONS – Users can see and track the conversions generated by specific notifications.

OTO2 – Fomo Proofs – Visual Heatmaps – $67

Visual Heatmap is a tool designed to track user behavior on your website using heatmaps and session recordings:

  • Heatmaps visually depict user interactions such as clicks, cursor movements, and scrolling behavior. This helps you identify popular areas of your website as well as areas that may need improvement.
  • Session recordings provide a detailed view of how users engage with your site, revealing navigation patterns and potential issues that may impact user experience.
  • Detailed user data including location and device information is captured to help you optimize your website's design for different user segments.
  • Visual Heatmap also provides insights into key metrics such as sessions, visitors, clicks, and page views, allowing you to evaluate the effectiveness of your website.
  • A traffic overview feature summarizes your site's performance over the last 30 days, highlighting top referrers, pages, and active pages that may require attention or optimization.

OTO3 – Fomo Proofs – Team Access – $47

Enhance collaboration with the Teams plugin, allowing users to form teams and invite members with designated permissions for seamless account collaboration.

  • Configure how many teams and team members a user can create/invite, via the plan settings.
  • Teams management system
  • Team members can be invited via email
  • Team members have read, create, update & delete permissions on a per-resource basis
  • Team members can be invited to multiple teams & accept/delete any
  • Teams can be seen and managed from the admin panel as well
  • Admin panel also includes statistics of the created teams and team members

OTO4 – Fomo Proofs Agency Reseller – $99

  • Create Agency Accounts
  • Resell Accounts
  • Make Money
  • Stop/Pause Users
  • Ban/Suspend Users

Fomo Proofs Feature:

  • Campaign Creation
    Effortlessly craft campaigns to distribute your messages or promotions to the appropriate audience at the right moment.
  • Notification Setup
    Tailor notifications to convey information or showcase engaging videos, with the goal of converting website visitors into satisfied customers.
  • Maximize Reach
    Ensure your messages effortlessly reach a wide audience, enhancing the potential to convert curious visitors into valuable customers.
  • Data Storage
    Maintain crucial data for analysis over time to identify trends and make informed decisions for improved engagement.
  • Multilingual Functionality
    Operate campaigns and deliver messages in various languages, simplifying the process for visitors to transition into customers.
  • Domain Restrictions
    Manage your campaigns by restricting usage to specific domains, ensuring a secure and focused strategy for better audience engagement.
  • Informative Notifications
    Craft personalized messages to share crucial updates, directing visitors towards meaningful interactions.
  • Coupon Alerts
    Utilize coupon notifications to inform users about sales, piquing interest and promoting purchases.
  • Live Visitor Counter
    Display the current number of site visitors to establish trust and create urgency, motivating visitors to take action and potentially become loyal customers.
  • Email Collection
    Effortlessly gather emails and generate leads directly through notifications, building a valuable contact list.
  • Conversion Tracking
    Showcase recent conversion numbers to demonstrate trust in your product or service, bolstering user confidence.
  • Video Call-to-Action Notifications
    Share YouTube videos through a compact widget, offering users dynamic and visual content for an engaging experience with your product/service/offer.
  • Social Sharing
    Encourage users to share your content, expanding your brand's visibility and driving more traffic.
  • Review Collection
    Gather valuable feedback through a reviews feature, enabling users to share their experiences directly.
  • Emoji-Based Feedback
    Capture user sentiments with an interactive emoji feedback system, providing a fun way for users to express their opinions.
  • Cookie Consent Notification
    Inform users about cookie usage on your site, ensuring transparency and compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Rating Feedback
    Allow users to easily provide rating feedback, offering a straightforward method for expressing satisfaction or preferences.
  • Lead Collection Requests
    Simplify lead collection with an easy-to-use request collector, streamlining the process of gathering user information effectively.
  • Countdown Clock
    Create a sense of urgency and excitement with a countdown timer, prompting user action and information input for timely responses.
  • Informational Banner
    Include fully customizable informational banners at the top or bottom of your site to share important messages without disrupting the user experience.
  • Image Widget
    Display small widgets featuring captivating images, enhancing the visual appeal of your site and improving communication.
  • Lead Collection Bar
    Collect emails or leads discreetly using a dedicated collector bar, ensuring users can browse seamlessly without distractions.

How Does It Work?

Fomo Proofs-demo

  • STEP #1

    • Our advanced AI crafts a personalized message to captivate your audience, whether it's a thrilling update, a special deal, or a crucial announcement. It then seamlessly integrates our Pixel tool in the background to track audience interactions.
  • STEP #2

    • Following that, the AI designs a visually appealing and attention-grabbing pop-up that effectively conveys your message. Get ready to engage your audience without the need for design skills.
  • STEP #3: Enhance Conversions, Sales, and Profits
    Effortlessly engage with your website visitors, sales page viewers, landing page visitors, or online store customers and convert them into valuable paying customers.


  • Increase Conversions, Boost Sales, and Maximize Profits: Evidence shows that many satisfied customers have utilized FOMO Proofs to notably increase profits by converting more website visitors into paying customers.
  • Efficient and User-Friendly: Let AI handle the heavy lifting with FOMO Proofs, streamlining the process to be quick and straightforward.
  • Affordable Solution: By eliminating recurring payments for multiple platforms to create similar messages/notifications and offering a discounted one-time price, FOMO Proofs is a highly cost-effective option.
  • Essential for All: Regardless of your business sector, FOMO Proofs is vital for converting more website, sales page, landing page, and online store visitors into buyers.
  • Proven Effectiveness: FOMO Proofs has a proven track record of aiding numerous business owners in boosting sales and profits by sending timely messages to their website visitors and customers.


    • Act Promptly: Prices are anticipated to increase significantly soon.


By utilizing powerful psychological triggers, Fomo Proofs guarantees instant conversions, increased sales, and a significant boost in profits for your business.

Are you prepared to enhance your conversions and profits? Seize this transformative opportunity now!

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