Recurring AI + OTOs Review:

Recurring AI

Recurring Ai Overview: 

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Recurring AI introduces an innovative solution that presents a revolutionary platform designed to generate substantial profits using AI technology. With all processes overseen and executed by artificial intelligence, this advanced system offers a convenient way to effortlessly earn recurring income.

By employing Recurring AI, you can bypass worries related to acquiring customers and driving traffic, as these responsibilities are handled by the system autonomously. This efficient method streamlines the process, offering a chance for a consistent income stream without the need for time-consuming tasks or specialized knowledge. Recurring AI provides a straightforward and efficient way to generate income repeatedly with minimal effort.

All Recurring AI OTOs Links Below:

FE – Recurring AI – $17

  • Recurring Payments: Access to multiple buyers who pay you regularly, such as $5,000 every 5 days or 2,200 people paying you $35 every 3 days.
  • Easy Setup: No website, no tech skills, and no hassles. The FE pack takes care of everything, including AI-driven work and audience acquisition.
  • Monetization Methods: Learn how to offer free trials and turn them into recurring income streams.
  • Diverse Selling Opportunities: Sell a range of products, from text files and Google Spreadsheets to Notion templates, and exclusive membership access.
  • Recurring AI Model: Master the untapped market with a proven business model that provides consistent income.
  • Automatic Earnings: Discover how to generate steady income without manual intervention.

OTO1 – Recurring AI DFY YT – Upgrade – $97

  • We get you the likes, views, subscribers, and comments.
  • No previous following needed.
  • We feed the algorithm FOR YOU.
  • List with our favorite AI tools for YouTube.
  • Done-for-you authority backlinks.
  • Done-for-you lead magnets.
  • Done-for-you banners.
  • Done-for-you bios.
  • Lifetime access to our custom YouTube AI with no recurring fees.

OTO2 – Recurring AI DFY Social – Upgrade – $97

  • We get you the subscribers, likes, views, and shares you need to build a profitable social media business.
  • No previous following needed.
  • We feed the algorithm FOR YOU on all your channels.
  • YOU make SALES!
  • List of our favorite top AI tools for fast social media automation.
  • Done-for-you bonus ebooks to incentivize people to opt in and buy from you.
  • Insane Social All In One AI.

OTO3 – Recurring AI DFY Content – $67

  • Blue Ocean Strategy.
  • 365 days x4 of content for MMO and non-MMO niches.
  • Dominate multiple channels with 4 years of 100% done-for-you content!
  • Everything is done-for-you.
  • Only 5 minutes a day required!
  • 500 done-for-you exclusive AI avatars.

OTO4 – DFY Super Funnel Academy – $497

  • Done-for-you co-branded funnel: Partner with us, and your branding will be featured on the sales pages.
  • Setup is done for you.
  • Hosted on our account, saving you $97 per month on the funnel builder.
  • Promote this exact same funnel (everything done for you) or any other online offer.
  • Community access included.
  • No need to handle customer support.
  • Only one sale needed to profit.
  • No content creation required.
  • No copywriting skills needed.
  • No graphic design skills required.
  • No product creation necessary.
  • Bank hundreds per sale.
  • Access to all future updates as the product continues to grow.
  • Join at the beginning for lifetime access.
  • Done-for-you optimized follow-up sequences provided.
  • Done-for-you accounts to model.
  • Done-for-you promo post graphics.
  • Now includes your very own custom Super Funnel Academy AI.

OTO5 – Recurring AI – Buyers Access – $97

  • Access to all of James and Max's buyers.
  • No work required on your part.
  • This is a one-time offer with no downsell.
  • Insert yourself in front of real buyers effortlessly.
  • Promote any offer at any time for months and years to come.

OTO6 – Keep All The Money (Lifetime Commission Booster) – $497

  • 75% commissions with reseller rights for all past and future products.
  • Benefit from the products as if you made them yourself, without handling support.
  • We do all the work, and you receive all the profits repeatedly!
  • We create the products, and you keep the money.
  • We maintain the products, and you keep the money.
  • We write the copy, and you keep the money.
  • We host the sites, and you keep the money.
  • We do everything, and you keep the money.

OTO7 – AI Bundle – Upgrade – $29

  • Access to all of James and Max's personal AI super tools!
  • Dominate any niche without having to do any of the work.
  • Use this to become a real entrepreneur!

OTO8 – Max and James – Holiday Special – $29

  • Grab All Of 2023 Premium Products Along With Our Top Products No Longer For Sale!

OTO9 – James and Max Mastermind – $1

  • AI Traffic Training, list building on steroids.
  • Receive more done-for-you (DFY) content delivered to you every month.
  • Connect with us and the community!
  • Learn the latest money-making AI methods.

How Does It Work?

Recurring AI is a business concept that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to create opportunities for users to earn recurring income. Here is how Recurring AI functions:

  1. AI-Enhanced Marketplace: Recurring AI introduces users to a new marketplace where they can leverage AI technology to sell products or services and generate recurring income.
  2. Identifying Opportunities: The system locates potential prospects in different niches and markets where users can offer tailored products or services for recurring income.
  3. Automated Sales Process: Recurring AI oversees the sales process by automating customer acquisition, product promotion, and sales using AI technology.
  4. Steady Income: Users receive regular income through recurring payments from customers, which may come in the form of subscription models or repeat purchases.
  5. Monetization Techniques: Recurring AI provides strategies for implementing free trials or offering products for free initially, which can later be converted into recurring income streams.
  6. Wide Product Range: Users can offer a variety of products, including access to text files, Google Spreadsheets, Notion templates, or exclusive memberships on platforms like Telegram or Discord.
  7. Financial Freedom: By generating automatic, recurring income, users can achieve financial independence and enjoy a more flexible lifestyle.


  • Effortless Passive Income: Recurring AI enables users to effortlessly create recurring income streams without constant manual intervention.
  • Streamlined Operations with AI: AI technology optimizes business processes like sales, customer acquisition, and monetization strategies for enhanced efficiency.
  • Diverse Income Streams: Users can broaden their earnings by providing various products or services, such as text files, templates, or exclusive memberships.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Recurring AI is designed for individuals without specialized technical skills, ensuring inclusivity in income generation opportunities.
  • Lucrative Income Potential: Users can tap into a new marketplace that presents the potential for significant long-term earnings.
  • Time Optimization: Automation allows users to allocate time to other professional or personal endeavors while maintaining a steady income.
  • Customizable Strategies: Users can tailor their approaches and offerings to align with their target audience, maximizing recurring income prospects.


  • Quality Maintenance: Users need to uphold high product/service standards to guarantee customer satisfaction and sustain a consistent income flow.

Who Should Use Recurring AI?

  • Freelancers and Solo Entrepreneurs: Individuals looking to diversify their income streams and reduce reliance on traditional freelance projects.
  • Online Marketers: Professionals involved in affiliate marketing or e-commerce, aiming to optimize their approaches with AI for generating recurring income.
  • Content Creators: Bloggers, YouTubers, or other creators interested in monetizing their existing audience through AI-driven products and revenue channels.
  • Small Business Owners: Entrepreneurs seeking to automate business processes and ensure steady revenue through subscription-based or repeat sales models.
  • Novices in Online Business: Individuals new to the online business sphere seeking an accessible, AI-powered solution to kickstart their earnings.
  • Passive Income Enthusiasts: Those interested in earning income effortlessly with minimal ongoing commitment, allowing them to focus on other personal or professional priorities.
  • Tech Enthusiasts: Individuals keen on leveraging state-of-the-art AI technologies to stay ahead in the online business arena.
    Individuals Prioritizing Flexibility: Those aspiring to work from any location and manage their income streams according to their preferences.


Uncover the potential of Recurring AI and start generating dependable, automated income with minimal effort. Imagine multiple buyers regularly paying you $5,000 every 5 days, facilitated by AI-powered strategies that enable seamless, weekly recurring payments. This cutting-edge solution is perfect for those looking to streamline their income sources and achieve financial freedom. Don't miss this opportunity to boost your income and enhance your quality of life.

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