NewsCaster AI + OTOs Review: Brand New Google-Killer Ai App Launch Your Self-Updating Broadcasting Sites

NewsCaster AI cover

NewsCaster AI Overview: 

Keeping your website updated with timely breaking news is essential for increasing engagement. This approach is a proven method to boost visibility and attract more visitors effortlessly. So, how can you make this happen? Just picture yourself as the first to share breaking news as it happens.

By being the first to deliver breaking news updates, your website will become a preferred destination for the latest information, driving traffic and outshining your competitors. However, there is no automated solution currently available, leading some websites to struggle and fall behind.

The answer is straightforward: NewsCaster AI. This tool consistently monitors various news sources for the most recent developments. Whenever significant news breaks, it automatically updates your website, ensuring your audience stays informed and engaged.

The best part? You won't have to lift a finger. It's like having a team of reporters working tirelessly to ensure your website remains current and captivating.

NewsCaster AI is an advanced AI tool revolutionizing broadcasting across different sectors, languages, and geographical areas. This AI software guarantees that your audience remains up-to-date with the latest news by delivering breaking news in a brief 60-second format.

All NewsCaster AI OTOs Links Below:

FE – NewsCaster AI – $17

  • Exploit The News Industry With The Power Of AI Without Doing Any Work – That's PRICELESS
  • Deploy AI Broadcasting News Sites That Keep Itself Updated Without Human Interference – Worth $997
  • NewsCaster AI Built-In Traffic Generator Sends Thousands Of Clicks On Any Link. 100% Free – Worth $997
  • Few Click Monetization Without Selling Anything – That's Worth $997
  • Create AI Self-Updating News Broadcasting Websites In Any Niche – Worth $497
  • AI Content Generator – Generate AI Hot & Trendy Content Worth $997
  • Create Multi Language Site By Transling Your Site In 100s Of Languages – Worth $997
  • NewsCaster AI Mobile EDITION – Worth $497
  • Flip These Hot And Trendy Sites On Flippa, EBay & Facebook Worth $997
  • Pay Once & Get Profit Forever With No Restrictions – Beyond A Value
  • 100% Newbie Friendly – Beyond A Value
  • Step-By-Step Training Videos – Worth $497
  • Round-The-Clock World-Class Support – (Priceless – It's Worth A LOT)
  • Commercial License To Create & Sell Trendy Sites For Clients For BIG Fee – Priceless


  • Exclusive VIP Training
  • 7 Figure Broadcasting Mastery (Value $247)
  • Recurring Income Masterclass (Value $229)
  • News Blogging Traffic Mantra (Value $217)
  • News Group Domination (Value $269)

OTO1 – NewsCasterAi Unlimited – $47

  • Create Unlimited News Broadcasting Sites
  • Create Unlimited Businesses
  • Run All Your & Your Client’s News Site On Your Own Domains With UNLIMITED Custom Domains
  • Get UNLIMITED Website Visitors On Your News Website
  • Drive Top Trendy Content From 30 More Sources
  • Add Unlimited Videos & Articles To Engage Maximum Audience
  • Get 10 More Premium Website Color Themes
  • Boost Engagement & Instantly Capture Leads From All Your Visitors
  • Get Premium Integration With 25+ Platforms
  • Get UNLIMITED Bandwidth To Give Best User Experience
  • Get Advanced And Detailed Analytics
  • Register Your Clients Directly For Your Webinars With Webinar Platform Integrations
  • Compare Your Articles & Videos To Check Accurate Performance
  • Customize Your Videos Like A Unlimited With Custom Video Player
  • Media Library To Manage All Your Images In One Place
  • Get Never Offered Before Assets Library
  • Get All These Benefits At An Unparalleled Price

Unlimited Upgrade Bonuses:

  • Bonus 1 – News Blog Operations (Value $217)
  • Bonus 2 – BroadCasting Business Blueprint (Value $247)
  • Bonus 3 – Internet BroadCasting Secrets (Value $199)
  • Bonus 4 – News Niche Marketing (Value $229)

OTO2 – NewsCasterAi DFY – $77

  • Let Our Experts Setup Professional News Websites In Your Preferred Niche
  • Let us Prefill your account with Hot And Trendy News Content & Videos and a Stunning News Broadcasting Site Ready to Profit…
  • Let us automate your NewsCaster AI account with proven money making methods..
  • Work 1-On-1 With Our Support Team
  • We'll make sure you're getting paid At least $5k every month..
  • You're backed by our 30 Day Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee…

OTO3 – NewsCaster Ai Traffic Commercial – $47

  • Automate Content Publishing & Reduce Manual Work With The Power Of Automation
  • Create Unlimited Campaigns To Drive Tons Of Targeted Traffic
  • Effortless Integration With Pexels To Get 1 Million High Quality Royalty Free Stock Photos
  • 30 EXTRA, Inbuilt Proven Converting Lead Templates To Capture Maximum Leads For Your Business
  • Get 27 Attractive Promo Templates To Send Visitors Directly On Any Offer
  • 13 EXTRA Eye Catchy VIRAL Templates To Get EVEN MORE TRAFFIC
  • Use Beautiful Exit And Entry Animation Effects To Get The Most From Your Campaigns
  • Monetize Better And MAKE MORE PROFITS With Stunning Banner Ads
  • Connect Easily With Premium CRMs Like Salesforce Infusion Soft Etc
  • Team Management Up to 5 Team Members
  • Commercial License – Start Providing Services To Clients And Charge Hundreds Of Dollars Every Month

OTO4 – NewsCasterAi Agency – Unlimited Clients – $97

  • Directly Sell NewsCaster AI Services and Charge Monthly or Recurring Amount For 100% Profits
  • Comes with Dedicated Dashboard to Create Accounts for the Customers in 3 Simple Clicks
  • Completely Cloud-Based Tool, so no additional domain or hosting required
  • Serve Unlimited Clients with Agency License
  • Unparallel Price with No Recurring Fee

OTO5 – NewsCaster Ai Reseller -Unlimited License – $97

  • Retain all profits: Sell 100 or 250 licenses of NewsCaster AI Commercial to potential clients and keep the full profits.
  • Earn full commissions: Continuously market their attractive funnel (NewsCaster AI Pro & NewsCaster AI Reseller) and receive 50% commissions on all your sales.

OTO6 – NewsCaster Ai Whitelabel – $197

  • Use Your Own Custom Branding Including Your Own Logo, Domain, And Company Name
  • Sell NewsCaster AI For Whatever Price You Want And Keep 100% Of The Profit For Yourself
  • We Will Handle The Installation For You And Set Things Up So That User Accounts Are Setup Automatically And You Get Paid Without Any Work Or Administration Required On Your Part
  • We'll Also Install NewsCaster AI Whitelabel On Your Very Own VPS That We Setup, So There's No Hard Work Required
  • We're Also Giving You A ‘Done For You Training'

How Does It Work?

NewsCaster Ai-demo


  • AI-powered news websites that update themselves in any niche
  • AI-generated hot and trending content
  • Set-and-forget system with just one keyword
  • Ready-to-use, attractive themes
  • AI-driven monetization
  • Built-in traffic generation
  • SEO-friendly website pages
  • Integrated web form
  • Fully optimized for mobile devices
  • Content marketing in multiple languages with a single click
  • Smooth augmented reality integration
  • Custom domain support
  • No need for domain or hosting
  • Detailed analytics included
  • Comprehensive training from A to Z
  • Includes a free commercial license


  • There are no disadvantages to mention!

Who can benefit from NewsCaster AI?

NewsCaster AI is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of niches and industries. It is not limited to any particular type of news, as news covers various topics like politics, sports, entertainment, financial markets, and more.

Given people's inherent interest in staying informed about the latest news and gossip related to their preferences, NewsCaster AI proves to be a valuable asset for individuals across different fields and industries.


NewsCaster Ai-demo


By utilizing NewsCaster AI, you have the chance to establish yourself as a leader in the news industry, taking advantage of significant opportunities for monetization and audience interaction.

Do not overlook this transformative tool that can reshape your online visibility and revenue streams. Embrace the chance to dominate the news sector and propel your business towards unparalleled success.

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