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Sketch Maker PRO + OTOs


Sketch Maker PRO+ OTOs OverView:
Sketch Maker is a software tool to create professional appearing text to speech whiteboard videos that includes high quality (male and female) voices. This software allows anyone, no matter what their experience level is, to create high-quality whiteboard/sketch videos in minutes. And it works on MAC and PC (Adobe Air).

All 3 Sketch Maker PRO OTO Links Below

Front End (PRO – Regular version):
=>> Sketch Maker PRO
OTO 1 (PRO PLUS version):
=>> Sketch Maker PRO OTO 1
OTO 2 (Commercial License):
=>> Sketch Maker PRO OTO 2

Main Features

Sketch Maker PRO Is Packed with GROUND BREAKING Features that makes it a cut above the rest
Add the included Images or your OWN images
We've included several images for you to choose from, starting from animated SVG images to nice looking characters from different niches. You just need to browse the included categories and choose the one that fits your niche.
Plus, we've added the option to upload your own images or logos (Only on PRO accounts), so you can personalize your videos even more. You just click on the upload button, upload your images and then they will remain stored on the server (limited MB per account)
Add Text
Adding text to your explainer videos is more easy then ever, you just write your text, click the add button and the text will be added to the preview (and later on your explainer video). As Easy as that!
You can personalize your text by changing the font type, font size and font color! Plus the text is synchronized with the audio of your videos so if we add the hand writing effect (included) your videos will look amazing!
Add the included backgrounds or add your OWN Backgrounds
We've included some nice backgrounds for you to choose from, there are some nice backgrounds but of course you will have the option to get even more backgrounds (optional).
You just need to go to the background's tab and scroll down to be able to see all the available backgrounds!
Add Background Music Tracks (Included or your own)
Sketch Maker PRO comes with a few music tracks to add to your videos (around 3 mins each), but you could have the option to upload your own music too.
You'll have the option to get monthly music tracks (optional).
Add Text To Speech(optional), Add Your Own Audio File or Record Your Voice
Sketch Maker PRO comes with several Human-like Text To Speech voices to add to your videos (optional)
You'll have the option to record your own voice using your OWN microphone* or just upload SHORT audio files* to create your videos. *PRO PLUS Accounts Only)
Preview an Slide or All your Animation (Change hands too!)
You can preview your video before rendering it. You can preview each slide or all your animation on the preview canvas.
Plus you can change the hands used, even the pens/pencils the hand uses to simulated the writing text could be changed!
Slide Effects, Quota, Download Your Videos!
We've included the option to use some slides effects, even a random effect is included to allow you to give your videos a more professional look!
Inside your profile's page you will be able to see your personal details and your Quota per day! We've added a unique page to allow you to access all the videos you have created, you can just download them by clicking on the download button.

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