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A super easy-to-use software for getting an unlimited number of USA and Canada phone number in a few simple clicks. If you want to create tons of Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Instagram accounts without having to deal with the annoying phone number verification… this software will save your time.

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Main Features

TextNowBot Is Packed with GROUND BREAKING Features that makes it a cut above the rest

Create And Edit Multiple Textnow Accounts
This is the core function of this software. Within just a few simple clicks, you can create as many Textnow accounts as you need easily.
Get Legit Usa & Canada Phone Numbers Fast And Easy
With this software, verifying account on Facebook, Google, and other websites could be done with USA & Canada phone numbers you get from Textnow. This software also saves all the numbers you've generated in one convenient CSV file, so you can quickly find the numbers to be used in the future.
Automated Facebook Registration
Not only helping you getting phone numbers, but this software can also help you register an account on Facebook and other social media platforms. Yes, this feature will help you save more time.
Register On Textnow With Temporary Email Address
If you don't want to use your personal email, this software comes with the feature you're going to love. It allows you to register on Textnow using email addresses you can get from a website like tempm.com
Automated Renew Function
This feature will help you reactivate your old Textnow accounts that haven't been used for a while. While it may won't take a lot of time to do it manually, but why do it by yourself if you can simply let this software do this job for you?
User-friendly And Intuitive Interface
Every single software we create is designed for non-techy users in mind. That's why we also design this software to be super easy-to-use for anyone. We believe anyone – including you – can master all the features comes with this software within the first 30 minutes.
Proxy Support
This software also has a proxy-support feature that will protect your IP address from being flagged as spam. Simply add your own list of private proxies, and stay safe while creating tons of legit phone numbers.
Multi-threading Feature For A Faster Performance
This software also comes with multi-threading feature that allows you to run the task at a lightning speed.

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