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Complete High-Quality ‘Affiliate Marketing' Video Courses (An Evergreen Hot Topic) With Expertly Written And Produced Pro Quality Video Training!

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Front End (The Social Media PLR Course):
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Unbranded Affiliate Course #1
Basic Affiliate Strategies
Let's bulletproof your affiliate marketing business. Let's reinforce it from the ground up. Because once you do, you'll start enjoying more traffic, a bigger list, and more sales than you ever thought possible.
Video 1: The Surprising Truth About Affiliate Marketing – This is important, because affiliates who don’t know the whole truth struggle with their business and suffer with small commission checks. But once you know how to think like a super affiliate, you’ll be able to take your business to the next level. Plus you’ll find out what kinds of niches make the very best targets… and for one very surprising reason.
Video 2: How to Uncover the Hottest Markets Around – The easiest money you’ll make as an affiliate marketer is when you put offers right under the noses of people who are already buying stuff like crazy. You’ll find out how to uncover these markets – you’ll even get a really slick strategy for discovering niches you never knew existed!
Video 3: How to Find a Golden Needle in an Affiliate Marketing Haystack – Once you start doing your research, you’ll quickly discover there are tons of products for you to promote. But if you pick the wrong one, you’ll get your reputation dragged down faster than a feather tied to a bowling ball. Don’t settle for small commissions and products that won’t sell – this video will show you how to pick the right products for maximum profits!
Video 4: Hooking the Hungry Fish With Juicy Bait – Listen up, everyone and their uncle is trying to get their hooks into your prospects. So you need to get these prospects on your mailing list fast before your competitors beat you to it – and that’s why this course shows you how to bait your prospects with an irresistible free offer. You’ll love seeing the huge number of new subscribers joining your list every day.
Video 5: The Nuts and Bolts of Assembling Your Lead Magnet Page – If you’ve never put together a lead page before, don’t worry – it’s easier than assembling Ikea furniture, and you won’t have any spare parts left over. That’s because you’ll discover the absolute quickest way to get a professional, high-converting page up and running fast.
Video 6: What the Top Affiliates Do Differently With Their Blogs Almost every affiliate has a blog – but a huge number of these affiliates are completely clueless about how to turn a blog into their #1 sales tool. That’s what you’ll find out inside this video. First you’ll get a quick and easy way to set up a blog. Then you’ll discover what the super affiliates do differently with their blogs that makes them uber profitable… including one super-clever trick taken straight from Publisher’s Clearing House. This secret will blow you away
Video 7: How the Super Affiliates Make More Sales Than Everyone Else – You’ll want to pay attention to every second of this video. You’ll find out the #1 secret that separates the super affiliates from the super broke affiliates… this may surprise you, and it’s the one thing that will make your affiliate business pay you like a broken slot machine!
Video 8: The Secrets of the Ugly Guys Who Date Super Models – You know what we're talking about here. Ever seen an ugly guy with an extremely beautiful woman and wondered how that happened? We’ll tell you what happened – the guy has a mesmerizing way with words. Just like politicians do. Just like teenagers do when they’re trying to borrow the car from mom and dad. And just like you will by the time you’re finished with this video. You’ll get a crash course in how to get inside your prospects’ head so you can say the right words that get them scrambling to the order button.
Video 9: An Astonishing Way to Get Vendors to Send Traffic to You – This is pretty amazing if you think about it. Typically, your job as an affiliate is to whip up some targeted traffic and send it to the vendor’s sales page. But smart affiliates know a trick for turning this model on its head. You’ll find out how to get vendors to promote your site, send you traffic, and generate sales for you. It’s crazy!
Video 10: How to Get More Eyeballs in Front of Your Affiliate Offers – Here you’ll find three of the top ways to attract cash-in-hand prospects to your website. Once you get these leads on your list and warm them up, then you can send them to your affiliate offers so you can start pocketing those big commission checks.

This includes:
Simply Sell The Courses ‘As Is'. The videos are supplied to you unbranded and are ready to start selling as your own. You can begin selling the course right away in any format you choose – You get full transcripts to each video, translate them into different languages, add your own voice overs and more – License offers you unlimited flexibility.

Nichify The Course Content! You're free to edit the content or rework the videos in any way you choose and could quickly re-imagine the training to suit the industry you're in. Customize it for your audience and raise your prices to match. There is a lot of awesome information here that can be customized easily for businesses online or off.
Add The Course(s) To A Membership Site. The content inside these courses is choc full of useful information. Any of it would be a valued asset in a marketing or business membership site. You get 21 videos in total and easily enough for an entire membership site or a year's worth of content ready to drip deliver every month.
Create an online or offline coaching program. Incorporate the courses as part of an online coaching program or even a local offline class for businesses in your area. Use the courses as the core training and add your own ‘assignments' or ‘hand-outs' based around it.
Learn From The Training Yourself. If you're struggling to pull down the commission checks you'd like, then you really must to go through these courses yourself. They'll help you power up your affiliate game, expand and engage your audience resulting in a huge influx of sales. Think about it, for just a little more that it would cost to have basic ‘student only' access to these courses you get everything WITH PLR rights – Learning & Earning all rolled up in one great offer.
And more – You get full rights to modify and use the course contents in whatever way you'd like, which includes claiming authorship* (see the full terms of use and restrictions below).

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