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Overview of CourSeller?

CourSeller leverages our state-of-the-art “AML” A.I. Technology, a pioneering advancement that continuously self-upgrades, monitors trends, and analyzes market dynamics. This ensures a constant generation of the most current video content. Beyond content creation, CourSeller efficiently manages the sales process, ensuring your videos are accessible to audiences within minutes. With CourSeller, effortlessly craft and sell engaging video courses that captivate audiences across various niches in mere seconds. This is made possible through our intelligent A.I. Video Assistant, Amber, which adeptly handles scriptwriting, provides voiceovers, integrates animations, constructs the entire video course, and seamlessly publishes it for sale!

CourSeller Features

FE – CourSeller -$47

Fueled by our cutting-edge “AML” A.I. technology, CourSeller A.I. continually enhances itself, monitors trends, and produces the most up-to-date video content. This potent technology not only guarantees swift video creation but also expedites the sales process, making your videos available for purchase within minutes.

  • Generate 100 courses and schools effortlessly through a single dashboard.
  • Leverage 100 advanced AI trends for video content creation.
  • Develop 100 video ads and Video Sales Letters (VSLs) for your courses.
  • Craft courses from audio, voice, or your own script with AI assistance.
  • Produce courses in Full HD with a duration of up to one hour.
  • Establish complete course memberships.
  • Create courses with various topics and sub-topics, all managed by AI.
  • Record audio directly within the application.
  • Transform existing YouTube videos or old videos into 100 new courses.
  • Automatically add voiceovers to courses.
  • Access a library of 1200 royalty-free images and background music.
  • Share courses effortlessly on social media.
  • Publish courses on any platform or within your Courseller account.
  • Export courses in video, audiobooks, or PDF formats.
  • Import images and videos seamlessly into your courses.
  • Integrate interactive hotspots for enhanced engagement.
  • Provide everything essential for selling online courses.
  • Attract students with professionally designed sales pages.
  • Send up to 50 newsletters per month to grow your email list and optimize ads.
  • Seamlessly accept online payments through Stripe, Paypal, etc.
  • Develop courses in five languages: English, French, Mandarin, Spanish, and Hindi.
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface for straightforward course creation.
  • Enhance course interactivity with assignments and quizzes.
  • Utilize a responsive course player.
  • Integrate Facebook and Google Ads for wider reach.
  • Customize your home page and web address.
  • Include assignments, text lessons, and integrate ads for retargeting.

OTO1 – CourSeller PRO ($97/Y)

Lift ALL Account Restrictions & Unlock The FULL Potential Of Courseller & Put Courseller On STEROIDS With The Pro Upgrade. Get More Clients, Go Unlimited, 0 Limitations Or Restrictions, Have More Control, Power & Of Course – Without Paying Monthly Or Yearly.

  • Unlimited Courses
  • Create 100 Schools
  • Unlimited Advanced AI Trend
  • Unlimited Video Ads
  • Unlimited VSLs For Your Courses
  • Unlimited Courses From Audio or From Voice
  • Unlimited Courses From Your Own Script
  • Unlimited Courses In Full HD
  • 200 Full Course Membership
  • Create Courses With Different Topics and Unlimited Sub-topics. All From AI
  • 500 Audio Recording
  • Unlimited Create Courses From YouTube or Old Videos
  • 200 Auto-Voiceover For Courses
  • 10,000 Access To Royalty-Free Images For Courses
  • 100 Background Music
  • Share Unlimited Courses On Social Media
  • Publish Unlimited Of Your Courses On Any Platform Or On Your Courseller
  • Export Courses In Video, AudioBooks, Or PDF
  • Import Images And Videos Into Your Courses
  • Add Interactive Hotspots
  • Everything That You Need To Sell Online Courses
  • Attract Students with a Professional Sales Page
  • Send 100 Newsletters Per Month
  • Seamlessly Accept Online Payments From Stripe, Paypal, etc
  • Unlimited interaction with Assignments and Quizzes
  • Custom Web Address
  • Unlimited Assignments
  • Unlimited Text Lessons
  • Unlock 28 Extra Languages
  • Zapier To Integrate With 5000+ Apps and Websites
  • Add Watermark To Videos
  • Custom Web Address
  • More Background Music
  • More Stock Images
  • Exclusive OTO Bonuses
  • More Payment Gateways

And These Are All NEW FEATURES ADDED Into Your Account Automatically After Upgrading Plus..These Bonuses:

  • Bonus 1: $500 Per Video on YouTube? Yes, It’s Possible! Find Out How
  • Bonus 2: Grow Your Instagram Account by 10x in 30 Days with No Effort
  • Bonus 3: The Secret Content Locker to Boost Your Twitter Virality
  • Bonus 4: Mobile Interactive Marketplace Simplified – Learn how to create user-friendly, mobile optimized agency marketplaces in less than 24 hours.
  • Bonus 5: 150+ Video Gradients & Background
  • Bonus 6: Online Viral Marketing Secrets Video Upgrade

OTO2 – CourSeller ENTERPRISE ($97)

Unlock revolutionary monetization features to elevate your course earnings by up to 50 times. Initiate monetization seamlessly through monthly subscriptions, book clubs, coupons, student discussions, and student badges. Effortlessly transform your platform into a comprehensive video course enterprise with Courseller Enterprise. This seamless upgrade to your dashboard unleashes automation and marketplace features, essentially turning your platform into a robust Udemy on steroids. With this upgrade, you can optimize profits from your courses.

Transitioning from a slow content release to establishing full-blown monthly memberships is made simple with just a few clicks. This process is neither complicated nor demanding extra effort; it's a straightforward enhancement of your existing dashboard and capabilities. Essentially, it's a seamless improvement, introducing new features that amplify your potential firepower by 50 times when creating and launching your video courses. Additionally, revel in these bonuses.

  • Bonus 1: Strategic List Building Profit Kit
  • Bonus 2: Website Pouch Pro: Effortlessly hide any content or banners within your website with just one click.
  • Bonus 3: TurboDynamic Download (Worth $57)
  • Bonus 4: Social Traffic Plan
  • Bonus 5: AI-Powered BrandDomain Maker (Worth $497)
  • Bonus 6: CourSeller Ads Agency Website

Seize this opportunity to elevate your course monetization strategy and supercharge your online course business effortlessly.

OTO3 – CourSeller Agency ($57)

Elevate your video course business to autopilot success with our Agency Helper Package. In a mere 3 minutes, transform yourself into a professional video course-selling agency or freelancer. The all-encompassing Agency Helper Package provides EVERYTHING essential to launch your business successfully. What's more, we've included a comprehensive commercial license for content at ALL levels. This enables you to reuse them for various projects and sell them for any purpose, extending beyond the confines of your video course agency. As an added bonus, enjoy these valuable additions.

  • Bonus 1: The Secret Formula to Generating Profits in 60 Minutes
  • Bonus 2: WP Bot Blocker Plugin (Worth $97) – This plugin ensures your security by blocking all bot attacks. Install it on unlimited sites, including client sites.
  • Bonus 3: Email Profits Formula (Worth $79)
  • Bonus 4: High Ticket Agency Frameworks & Optimization Toolkit (Worth $997)
  • Bonus 5: Viral Quotes Rocket – Instantly download 200 done-for-you viral quote graphic templates to generate targeted traffic rapidly.
  • Bonus 6: How To Close High Paying Clients Bonus 7: Local Agency Business Team Showcase Software

With this package, you can launch and sell courses immediately without any waiting time. Elevate your business effortlessly and benefit from the wealth of resources provided.

OTO4 – CourSeller Whitelabe Reseller ($297)

Embark on a seamless journey to effortlessly launch your own lucrative $40,000/month tech business without the necessity of coding or hiring, courtesy of our Courseller Whitelabel Partnership Program. This comprehensive program offers a total business setup, encompassing the Courseller Software, sales materials, members' area, dashboard, pricing tables, customers, and more – all exclusively yours. Here's what awaits you in the Courseller Whitelabel Partnership Program

  • 200 Whitelabeled (or Branded, Your Choice) Reseller accounts
  • Easy and Complete Management of Users
  • Issuing Valid Invoices
  • Ability to Suspend, Delete, or Freeze User Accounts
  • Done-for-You White Labeled Sales Page
  • Done-for-You Whitelabeled Marketing Video

With our exceptional program, you can easily establish your own software company, bypassing the typical substantial investments of time, money, and expertise. Building and managing a software company can pose considerable challenges, but our Whitelabel Partnership Program remarkably simplifies the process, enabling you to reap substantial earnings in the tech industry. Let's delve into the details:

  • Over $40,000/month in client earnings without effort
  • Charge clients $197/month for using Courseller (recommended fee), and with up to 200 running clients, you can achieve a 40K/month business consistently.
  • Even charging half of the recommended fee, at $97/month, translates to 240K/year in recurring revenue.

Becoming a certified partner of Courseller offers substantial perks, making this an incredible opportunity for financial success. As a bonus, every new partner joining today (limited to 25 new partners/day) receives:

  • Bonus 1: EasyPRBooster – Optimize your site’s linking structure to improve search engine rankings
  • Bonus 2: WP Sales Robo (Worth $97) – A plugin that blocks bot attacks, ensuring site security on unlimited sites, including client sites
  • Bonus 3: Contact Business Swipes
  • Bonus 4: Clickable Images Bot
  • Bonus 5: High-Level Fiverr Seller Domination Training
  • Bonus 6: How To Close High Paying Clients
  • Bonus 7: Access to a Premium Software That Finds Good Domain Names with a Higher Chance of Selling Your Interactive Video Service

Seize this opportunity to make the easiest money ever and become a part of our last software launch dedicated to helping people make profits. Join now to secure your spot and access these valuable bonuses.

OTO5 – Agency iCeleraite ($67)

Introducing the industry's pioneer – the exclusive Agency Accelerator, complete with its dedicated AI SQUAD, designed to empower you in building a flourishing $40,000/month agency business. Easily initiate, oversee, and expand your agency across thirteen of the most sought-after niches. Let's delve into what the Agency Accelerator brings to the table:

  1. START:
    • Launch an agency in any of the thirteen hottest niches within minutes.
    • Utilize done-for-you resources and assets to kickstart your agency immediately.
  2. RUN:
    • Operate your agency with AI-driven systems for enhanced efficiency.
  3. GROW:
    • Expand your agency using tools that track and analyze complex data, simplifying the process for you.
    • Beginner-friendly with zero learning curve, ensuring a smooth experience for all users.


  • Commercial license included, allowing you to help others start, run, and grow their agency business for substantial profits ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 per month.

This comprehensive solution is crafted to revolutionize the agency landscape, furnishing you with essential tools, resources, and AI support necessary for unprecedented success in the business. Seize the opportunity to confidently enter the agency world and witness your business thrive.

How CourSeller Works

CourSeller revolutionizes the process of bringing your courses to life with three simple and engaging steps:

  • Step 1: Immerse yourself in your passion by selecting a niche or inputting a compelling keyword. Witness the magic as our intelligent AI Assistant, Amber, springs into action. Utilizing cutting-edge AML (Artificial Machine Learning) technology, Amber guides you through crucial details, even suggesting trending content that attracts eager buyers.

  • Step 2: Choose between two dynamic course formats – video or ebook. CourSeller effortlessly generates both, allowing you to embrace the creative medium that aligns with your vision.

  • Step 3: Let's dive into blockbuster course creation. For video masterpieces, Amber takes the lead, managing everything from scripting and voiceovers to lightning-fast rendering, thanks to our A.M.L-based technology. Fine-tune those auto-created slides to perfection and get ready to be amazed.

Meet the Developer

CourSeller, conceived by Steve Tari, stands as a testament to entrepreneurial spirit fueled by a passion for digital marketing. Steve isn't just a follower of the industry; he's a dedicated professional committed to staying ahead of the curve, with a particular focus on the immense potential of Social Media Marketing. His mission is crystal clear: to assist businesses in expanding their reach, engaging with their target audience, and fostering growth.

Steve has built a reputation as a reliable figure in the industry, acknowledged for delivering tangible results. His strength lies in adapting swiftly to the dynamic shifts in social media marketing, consistently positioning himself ahead of the curve to ensure excellent outcomes for his clients.

Among his notable projects are Agency iCeleraite, Ozivi AI Videos, MegaSuite Black Friday, MegaSuite, Pandorax, and more. Steve's portfolio speaks volumes about his commitment to innovation and effectiveness in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

Who Should Use It?

CourSeller -demo
Many famous developers have shared their good experiences and opinions in testimonials:

CourSeller OTO stands as an unparalleled platform, transcending the ordinary to become a versatile powerhouse meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of individuals and businesses. Whether you're a teacher, entrepreneur, marketer, content creator, or corporate trainer, this platform is not just relevant—it's a game-changer, holding unparalleled potential for transforming your knowledge into a highly lucrative online course.

Driven by advanced AI, CourSeller OTO delivers a transformative experience, seamlessly integrating course creation, marketing, and sales. Whether you're an educator passionate about sharing knowledge, a business owner venturing into e-learning, a small company seeking new revenue streams, or a content creator ready to monetize your expertise, CourSeller OTO is your comprehensive solution.

In a world where e-learning is thriving, CourSeller OTO asserts itself as an indispensable tool, empowering those embarking on a business venture or seeking to thrive in the dynamic landscape of online education.


  • Utilizes advanced AI technology powered by Google Bard for eLearning platform creation.
  • Enables the creation and global sale of courses in under 60 seconds, saving time and effort.
  • Provides entry into the $400 billion eLearning industry with minimal workload.
  • Transforms expertise into a profitable business without a significant upfront investment.
  • Eliminates reliance on expensive third-party platforms for course creation and sales.
  • Features a built-in payment system for collecting payments globally.
  • Offers personalized learning experiences to convert visitors into long-term customers.
  • Allows offering courses in multiple languages for a global audience.
  • Removes the need for expensive third-party course creation tools.
  • Drives traffic to eLearning sites without additional ad spending.
  • Facilitates the creation of multiple streams of passive income for a one-time fee.
  • Enables the quick creation of high-converting courses for various niches.
  • User-friendly software with step-by-step video training for assistance.
  • Includes a limited-time commercial license for extending services to clients.
  • Special launch deal comes with fast-action bonuses valued at $14,658.


Special pricing and bonuses may have limited availability, urging prompt action.

CourSeller – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is Courseller a downloadable software, and what system requirements does it have?

Absolutely not! Courseller is your user-friendly cloud companion, residing online and accessible through any web browser. Its flexibility knows no bounds, seamlessly integrating with any device, provided there's an internet connection.

Q: How does Courseller operate? Do I need to engage with any coding?

No coding skills needed! Courseller simplifies the process with Amber, your AI assistant. Just engage in a conversation with Amber, communicate your requirements, and she'll craft personalized video courses for you. Whether you want to download them as files or establish your presence in a marketplace to sell them, it's a straightforward process!

Q: I'm a bit hesitant about investing. What if it doesn't meet my expectations?

No need to fret! We offer a 30-day refund guarantee. If Courseller doesn't illuminate your life within the initial 30 days, we'll happily provide a full refund, no questions asked.

Q: Courseller seems quite extensive. Is it user-friendly for someone like me, who may not be tech-savvy?

Absolutely! Courseller is meticulously designed to be exceptionally user-friendly. Approximately 40% up the page, we emphasize its beginner-friendly nature. Let Amber, the AI assistant, take the reins, and you'll navigate the platform like a pro in no time.

Q: I'm focused on driving traffic, sales, and profits. Can Courseller support basic marketing methods like affiliate marketing, eCommerce, and social media?

You bet! Courseller is the Swiss Army knife for marketers. Seamlessly integrate it into affiliate marketing, eCommerce, social media – you name it! With its features and the transformative power of video courses, you'll swiftly be on the path to boosting profits. Here's to your success!


CourSeller stands out as a comprehensive solution for website creation, course development, and harnessing AI features. Whether you're new to online teaching or aiming to enhance your existing courses, this application distinguishes itself as an excellent choice.

  • SPECIAL BONUS 1 – MultiNetwork Poster
  • QTnD4MV
  • SPECIAL BONUS 2 – ContentLynk
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  • SPECIAL BONUS 3 – AK Booster Pro
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  • SPECIAL BONUS 6 – Serp Scribe
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