WP Defense + OTOs Review: The New Big Game-Changer In The Website Protection World

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WP Defense Overview: 

Cyber security threats are escalating, with global cybercrime projected to reach US$10.5 trillion annually by 2025. Many business owners are oblivious to this risk, putting their valuable data and operations in jeopardy.

Non-compliant websites may face lawsuits and data breaches. Neglecting cyber security can lead to significant financial losses. Offering web security and compliance services can be a profitable venture in the coming years. WP Defense provides a cost-effective solution for achieving 100% website security and compliance effortlessly. It's crucial to act promptly to protect websites from cyber threats. Businesses need to realize the importance of securing their online assets and complying with regulations to avoid potential disasters.

WP Defense is the premier security software for WordPress, offering instant protection for your websites and content from cyber threats, malware, viruses, and more, all in a quick two-minute setup!

WP Defense-demo

All WP Defense OTOs Links Below:

FE – WP Defense – $17

  • First-To-Market WP Site Security Software: VALUE: $997
  • Secure Your Website & Content From Hackers, Cyber Attacks, Viruses & Much More. VALUE: $997
  • Built-In 360° Sqli Site Protection… VALUE: $997
  • 100% Site Anonymity With Advanced Proxy Protection System – VALUE: $997
  • Get Live Spam Alerts With Iron-Clad Anti-Spam Protection Technology. VALUE: $997
  • Built-In DNSBL Integration: Protect Domain Name’s Ip Addresses: VALUE: $997
  • Secure Your Sites From Bad Bots & Crawlers. – VALUE: $997
  • Protect Your Sites From Hacking Bots With Built-In Fake Bots Protection Technology… VALUE: $997
  • Check Your Site’s Php Configuration With 1-Click. – VALUE: $197
  • Real-Time Login History: Get Alerts About New Logins To Your Site. – VALUE: $47
  • Block Suspicious IPs With Using 1-Mouse Click. – VALUE: $97
  • Built-In Country Blocker: Block Countries Of Your Choice – VALUE: $197
  • Real-Time Protection With WordPress Firewall Protection Technology. – VALUE: $97
  • Built-In “Hide Your Login History” Feature. – VALUE: $197
  • Activate Recaptcha On Your Site – VALUE: $597
  • Built-In Anti-Virus Scanner: – VALUE: $397
  • Fully Optimized & Responsive For Everything… – VALUE: $297
  • 1-Click Easy Installation: – VALUE: $97
  • Fire All Your Expensive Site Protection Tools & Services… – VALUE: $297
  • Built-In Analytics Tool – Track Site Performance – VALUE: $997
  • Built-In Free Ssl Certificate Integration – VALUE: $297
  • Live Chat Support For Real-Time Assistance – VALUE: $197
  • Built-In Anti-Threat Detection Tools – – VALUE: $397
  • Commercial license included – Secure as many Websites as you Want… – VALUE: $97
  • Newbie friendly, easy-to-use dashboard… – VALUE: $197
  • Iron-clad 30 day money-back guarantee… – VALUE: $297
  • WP Defense Mobile Edition – VALUE: $297
  • Lifetime Access With No Recurring Monthly Payments… – VALUE: PRICELESS
  • 24*7 Support & 100% Uptime Guaranteed – VALUE: PRICELESS
  • Step-By-Step Training Videos – VALUE: $297
  • Exclusive Bonuses: PRICELESS

OTO1 – WP Defense PRO EDITION – $47

  • Unlock Pro Edition For 10X More Site Security…
  • Unlock Advance Level Site Security Features For Better Protection…
  • Unlock 50+ Built-In Site Security Tools…
  • Unlock Live Traffic Monitoring & Scanning…
  • Unlock 2Fa Feature With 1-Click…
  • Unlock Premium Firewall Protection…
  • Unlock LIVE Spam Alert Feature..
  • 10X Your Site Security, Making Impossible To Be Hacked…
  • Unlock 1-Click Site-Security Feature.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee…
  • Gives You 90% Better Results…

OTO2 – WP Defense Unlimited – $67

  • Remove All The Limits From Your Account… – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock Unlimited Websites Security Features… – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock Unlimited SQLi Protection.. – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock Unlimited Anti-Spam Alerts – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock Unlimited WP Site Security Bots, – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock Unlimited Country Blocker – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock Unlimited Recaptcha Activation – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock Unlimited Anti-Virus Scanner – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock Unlimited Site Login History… – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock unlimited DNSBL Integration… – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock Unlimited WP Installations… – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock Unlimited Find My Client Feature… – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock Unlimited Site Analytics Report – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock Unlimited Everything… – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock Unlimited Agency License – VALUE: $197
  • Unlock Unlimited Daily Selling On Fiverr Or Your Clients Directly… – VALUE: $197
  • Gives Massive Unfair Advantage Over Other Members of – VALUE: PRICELESS

OTO3 – WPGPT – $47

  • Generate High-Converting Contents For Your Wp Websites & 10 Conversion…
  • 1-Click Post Generator: Create Unlimited Blog Posts For Your WP Sites.
  • 1-Click Image Generator: Generate Unlimited 4k Images…
  • 1-Click Video Generator: Generate Unlimited Videos For Your Site.
  • 1-Click Chatbots: Create Custom Chatbots For Your Site…
  • 1-Click Seo Optimiser: Optimize Your Site For Better Ranking On Google & Bing…
  • 1-Click Q&A Bots: Create Q&A Bots For Better Engagement To Your Site…
  • Fully Autopilot, No Manual Work…
  • Automatic Updates With No Extra Installation…
  • Unlimited Commercial License Included…
  • No Limitations – Completely Free…
  • No Special Skills Or Experience Required….
  • Step By Step Training & Videos…

OTO4 – WP Bundle – $67

  • Done For You, Simply Press A Few Buttons To Activate 300 Themes…
  • Grab These Mind-Blowing & High-Converting $375.20/Day Plugins…
  • Sell These Dfy Wp Themes & Plugins To Your Clients For Extra Profits…
  • Unlimited Reseller License Included…
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee…
  • 100% Automated, Profit Even While You’re Sleeping…
  • Proven To Crank Out Profits…
  • Built-In Free Traffic To The Templates…

OTO5 – WP Defense Agency – $197

  • Create limitless accounts for your clients for maximum profits.
  • Central Dashboard: Control clients' accounts from one convenient location.
  • User-friendly Agency Dashboard.
  • Built-in commercial agency license.
  • Manage Users: Add or delete them as needed.
  • Charge Monthly or One-time at your own pricing.

OTO6 – WP Defense Reseller – $77

  • Done For You Product Support
  • Done For You Sales Materials
  • You keep 100% Profit From Sales

OTO7 – WP Defense Whitelabel – $297

  • You Will Get 100% WP Defense Whitelabel License
  • We Will Set Up Your Own Software On Your Domain
  • We Will Set Up Your Logo
  • Your Only Opportunity To Start Your Own Turnkey Online Software Business, Just Like Me!
  • We Will Host Your Software On Your Server
  • We Will Do All The Hard Work For You

How Does It Work?

Ensure the safety of your WordPress websites with our three-step process to achieve website security quickly:

  1. Step 1: Acquire WP Defense by clicking on any purchase button to get started. (Hurry, prices increase hourly!)
  2. Step 2: Set up effortlessly by installing WP Defense on your WordPress site with just one click. (The simple installation process requires only one mouse click.)
  3. Step 3: Secure and earn by establishing your own cyber security agency and automatically generating $300-$500 per website. (Receive instant payments in your PayPal account.)


  • Comprehensive Protection: WP Defense safeguards websites and content from various threats like hackers, cyber attacks, viruses, and more.
  • Defense Against Vulnerabilities: It strengthens defenses against common vulnerabilities such as SQL injection attacks.
  • Proxy Protection: Offers advanced proxy protection for 100% site anonymity, enhancing online security and privacy.
  • Real-time Alerts: Receive instant alerts on your site with anti-spam protection to prevent spam infiltration and maintain content integrity.
  • IP Address Protection: Safeguard domain IP addresses, enhancing site security and preventing breaches.
  • Bot Protection: Protects sites from hacking bots, ensuring genuine traffic access only.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy-to-use interface caters to users of all levels for simplified navigation and feature utilization.
  • Cost-Efficient: Saves money by replacing expensive site protection tools and services, eliminating monthly fees.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Enjoy peace of mind with a 30-day money-back guarantee for a risk-free trial.
  • Support: Technical support available through the desk team.


  • Currently, there are none!

Who Should Use WP Defense?

  • Freelancers Starting a Website Security Agency: Ideal for freelancers starting a website security agency.
  • Entrepreneurs Seeking Business Opportunities: Beneficial for entrepreneurs interested in ready-made business opportunities for website security.
  • Individuals Wanting Strong Site Security: Offers a robust and reliable site security solution.
  • Those Seeking Unlimited Clients: Attracts limitless clients for website security services.
  • Businesses Needing Secure Websites: Meets the needs of businesses requiring secure websites for clients.
  • Individuals Looking to Save Money on Security: Saves money on expensive website security services.


WP Defense-demo


In conclusion, WP Defense provides strong protection against various online threats, guaranteeing the security and integrity of your website. Offering features such as real-time alerts, proxy protection, and user-friendly navigation, it presents a comprehensive solution for securing your online presence.

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