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Auto-Affiliate AI Overview: 

Auto-Affiliate AI represents an innovative approach to simplify affiliate marketing, achieving a remarkable $5,000 weekly commission without relying on sales funnels, email marketing, or advertising.

Created by Luther Landro, this automated tool removes uncertainty by utilizing a ChatGPT system to effortlessly implement the entire affiliate strategy. With Auto-Affiliate AI, both newcomers and experienced marketers can access a quick and user-friendly method to earn affiliate commissions.

Key features of Auto-Affiliate AI include:

Auto-Affiliate AI-demo

All Auto-Affiliate AI OTOs Links Below:

FE + Bump1 – Auto-Affiliate AI – $26.95

  • Auto-Affiliate AI System and Prompts – $97 value
  • Step-By-Step Training Program – $97 value
  • 2-Hour Follow Along Quick Start Guide – $97 value
  • On-Demand Coaching Program – $497/Month Value
  • Bonus 1: Guaranteed approval and commission bump – $297 Value
  • Bonus 2: Emergency Cash Booster (first few sales only) – $47 Value
  • Bonus 3: Zero-Hour Workday Automator – $197 Value
  • Bonus 4: Profit Calculator – $197 Value
  • Personal Coaching from me to help you get started – $497 Value

Bump Offer:

FIRST FEW SALES ONLY: Add $5,000/Month Cash Code To Your Order, Which We Use Along With Auto-Affiliate AI To Make An Extra $5,000+ Every MONTH On Autopilot – Monthly Payout In Cold Hard CASH!

OTO1 + Bump2 – Auto-Affiliate AI Unlimited – $46.95

Here are just some of the things you will discover in the Auto-Affiliate AI Unlimited coaching program:

  • Maximizing Growth: Strategies to Reinvest Auto-Affiliate AI Profits for Rapid Expansion – Achieve a 5x return on your investment, propelling you towards six or seven figures swiftly.
  • Avoiding Unprofitable Ventures: Products and Niches to Steer Clear of with Auto-Affiliate AI – Safeguard your campaigns from disappointment by sidestepping these pitfalls, ensuring optimal cash flow.
  • Scaling Your Side Hustle: The Top 3 Traffic Sources to Reach $1 Million Annually – Discover the traffic sources that seamlessly scale your online business to new heights, mirroring my successful strategies.
  • Doubling Affiliate Commissions: Unlocking a Simple Strategy to Double Your Earnings – Effortlessly double your commissions on every promotion, gaining a significant edge over other affiliates.
  • Utilizing Free Ad Traffic: Accessing Thousands in Ad Credits with Coupon Hacks – Convert this valuable ad traffic into lucrative leads using your Auto-Affiliate AI funnel for continuous returns.
  • Instant Confidence Boost: A Quick Mind Hack to Transform Your Mindset – Cultivate millionaire confidence instantly, paving the way for financial success.
  • Efficient Time Management: Mastering a 30-Second No BS Time Management Solution – Increase productivity without stress by implementing this proven time management system for enhanced efficiency.
  • Manifesting Income Goals: A Simple Goal-Setting Method for Achieving Desired Income in 60 Days – Manifest the income you aspire to within a defined timeline using this straightforward approach.
  • Warrior Plus Traffic Acquisition: Tapping into Buyer Traffic from Warrior Plus – Harness the power of Warrior Plus for a steady stream of eager buyers, boosting your affiliate marketing endeavors.
  • Pre-Business Routine: The Essential 5-Minute Pre-Business Routine – Kickstart your day to manifest wealth and success with this daily practice.
  • Daily Habits of Internet Millionaires: Unveiling the Balanced Routine of Successful Internet Entrepreneurs – Explore the daily practices that differentiate internet millionaires, enabling them to thrive both personally and professionally.
  • Rapid Product Creation and Sale: Leveraging PLR, ChatGPT, and Outsourcing for Quick Product Development – Accelerate your business growth by creating and selling products efficiently on platforms like Warrior Plus.
  • Building a Buyers List without Product Creation: Strategies to Grow a ‘Buyers List' without Developing Your Own Product – Expand your reach and attract loyal customers without the need to create your own products.
  • Overcoming ‘Poor People' Habits: Breaking Free from Limiting Behaviors to Attract Abundance – Identify and eliminate detrimental habits that hinder success and block financial prosperity from entering your life.
  • Bump Offer: Grab a list of the top-performing profitable offers on WarriorPlus. Never worry or wonder about which offers to promote.

How Does It Work?

Auto-Affiliate AI-demo

  1. Step 1: Choose a popular product for promotion. The AI system in place uses a ‘trending product' algorithm to pinpoint the best-selling product of the week and secures an affiliate referral link for you. By endorsing the top product weekly, you can increase traffic and optimize your earnings for each campaign. Auto-Affiliate AI removes the guesswork by handling the selection process on your behalf.
  2. Step 2: Generate ‘Click-Magnets' automatically. Auto-Affiliate AI scrutinizes the product's sales page and generates unique ‘Click-Magnets' like images, videos, gifs, and short posts customized to attract attention and prompt clicks on your affiliate link.
  3. Step 3: Present these magnets to potential buyers automatically. In the final stage, Auto-Affiliate AI showcases these click magnets to potential buyers by automatically sharing them on forums, private niche groups, social media platforms, Reddit, Pinterest, and enhancing their visibility in Google search results.


  1. Time-Efficient: Requires only 2 hours per week, making it highly efficient.
  2. Beginner-Friendly: Easy-to-follow instructions suitable for beginners, no technical expertise needed.
  3. High Profits: Consistent weekly profits averaging $5,000 from Auto-Affiliate AI campaigns.
  4. Free Traffic: Relies on free channels for traffic generation, no need for ad purchases.
  5. Direct Links: Clicks lead straight to affiliate links, bypassing sales funnels or landing pages.
  6. Automated Content: Saves time and effort by using pre-trained AI to eliminate manual content creation.
  7. Quick Results: Immediate generation of affiliate link clicks, potential for first sale within hours.
  8. Guaranteed Approval: Ensures affiliate approval with high commission rates, some up to 85%.
  9. Time Efficiency: Automation maximizes earnings in minimal time.
  10. Recession-Proof: Strategies to maintain profitability in any economic climate, with passive income growing steadily over time.


  • Initial Learning Curve: Users may need time to become familiar with the system, despite its beginner-friendly nature.

Who should Use Auto-Affiliate AI?

  • Novice affiliate marketers searching for a beginner-friendly and profitable solution.
  • Individuals with limited time aiming to earn passive income with minimal effort.
  • Affiliate marketers wanting to broaden their income sources and maximize earnings.
  • People lacking technical skills but aspiring to succeed in affiliate marketing.
  • Those desiring guaranteed affiliate approval and high commission rates.
  • Individuals intrigued by recession-resistant opportunities for sustainable passive income.
  • Entrepreneurs aiming to automate and efficiently expand their affiliate marketing ventures.
  • Those preferring a hands-off approach to content creation and traffic generation.
  • Individuals interested in harnessing AI technology to streamline their affiliate marketing tactics.
  • Anyone in pursuit of a proven system for consistently generating significant affiliate commissions.


Auto-Affiliate AI-demo


Discover the convenience of automated affiliate marketing without the stress. Easily earn significant commissions with minimal time commitment. Bid farewell to time-consuming chores and welcome steady profits. Seize the chance to secure your financial future today.

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